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During her life, Naya Rivera had professional successes, but also had her share of tumultuous relationships, career setbacks, and health struggles. Here are the tragic details of Naya Rivera's life.

Naya Rivera was barely old enough to be in kindergarten when she landed her first major role on the CBS sitcom The Royal Family. The Eddie Murphy co-created series, which starred Della Reese lasted only a single season following the death of actor Redd Foxx, who played Rivera's on-screen grandfather.

Rivera had formed a tight-knit bond with the late actor. In her memoir Sorry Not Sorry, she revealed that Foxx would tell people they were actually related, and after a while, Naya began to believe him. Then, one day during rehearsal, she witnessed him suddenly fall to the floor.

The cast initially thought Foxx was joking, but Reese quickly realized it was serious and called the ambulance. The entire production ended up following Foxx to the hospital, where they learned the news. Rivera wrote:

"We sat there, his TV family and his real family, all mixed together in the waiting room, praying and trying to comfort one another. When the doctor came out to tell us that Redd had passed, he delivered the news to the entire group." Keep watching to learn more Tragic Details About Naya Rivera.


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Teenage eating disorder | 1:16
Secret relationship | 2:21
The worst experience | 4:13
Cory Monteith's death | 5:18
Not exactly a fairytale | 6:09
Domestic battery arrest | 8:14
Brief firing from Glee | 9:24
Missing at a California lake | 10:30

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Her life was not tragic! She was a survivor and a hero for saving her son. Her death was tragic only because she was taken from us too soon but her life is not. She lived it to the fullest!

Author — Tracer 0403


Wow... That was beyond heartless from Big Sean. She tells him her friend passed and he rolls over? Wtf...

Author — Vol B


3 out of the 9 glee main characters are dead, just wow.

Author — Anastasia Fouska


heartbreaking! she was a strong Being!God bless her and her child.r.i.p.

Author — Kristan Rae Stops


God bless her soul and her son 🙏 ❤
She died a hero....her heroism needs to be celebrated 😇😇

Author — NAMJOON'S crabs


i had NO idea she was a child actress. she is one of the very few celebrities that was down to earth, and just an overall beautiful person inside and out. this story hurts.

Author — local


Why did I click on this? I guess it's because I'm still so sad about Naya's death and didn't read the title carefully. Naya's life was not tragic and didn't make any more mistakes than most of the rest of us. She wasn't a hurtful or out of control person. Focusing on the negativity is toxic. Did she make mistakes? Yes. Did she live her life with honesty and integrity? Yes. Was she amazingly talented? Yes. Did she have many accomplishments that deserve to be celebrated? Yes. Her talent and accomplishments should be the focus, not profiting off of her youthful missteps.

Author — Jerda Smeltzer


*Imagine letting yourself into your Fiance home and seeing Ariana Grande just sitting on the couch chilling relaxing.*

Author — jason4275


To walk in and Ariana is on your man’s couch. 👀😳

Author — Developing Her


In loving memory of Naya Rivera. (January 12, 1987 – July 8, 2020)

Author — Abel Lewis


Can y’all just let her Rest In Peace? Now that her tragic death is a “trend” y’all all of a sudden want to dig in on her past life to feed into your own benefits? Cmon now y’all gotta let her Rest In Peace stop digging into her life because y’all could’ve done that before she died. 🧏🏻‍♀️

Author — Vallery Vang


This is just heartbreaking, may she rest in peace.

Author — phantomrequim


Forever in my heart Naya! Will always remember you

Author — Clarina Ketia


that lake is so ugly....i just can't believe she went there with him all sad...she never had any luck with men....ends up like this.

Author — Jendromeda


Awww I did not know Naya was in that show or there when Redd died

Author — April Gosa


Curious how she negotiated as a kid in the 90's

Author — DaveDaveTor


Let's remember she gave her life to save her baby's i hope he is reminded that his mother loved him that much and will be remembered being his heroic mother

Author — Suni Glow


R.I.P Naya Rivera. You will be missed 💔

Author — Monica Thomas


So unfair she's gone. God bless you Naya.❤

Author — BG 92


can yall.. stop?? what happened is self explanatory & everything has already been said. please let this family grieve without seeing shit like this EVERYwhere