Game of Thrones: S08E04: An Unbridled Rage

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Game of Thrones: S08E04: An Unbridled Rage 5

Ghost is a good boi.

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"Wait, are you going to cover the episodes individually now?"


"Are you still doing a video for the season as a whole?"

I think so yes.

"What took this video so long?"

Well, I didn't intend on making this until much more recently when thinking about Episode 5, I also bumped the editing and some life stuff happened. But I plan on making a video for 5 and 6.

"You covering episode 6 live?"

Yes, live, with Jeremy and Anna on this channel. Wolf is busy ;__;

Author — MauLer


I had videos complaining about Game of Thrones autoplaying in the background while I edited and after I heard 'who wants continuity? it's clearly the big gay', I busted out laughing.

Felt the need to share this, I apologize.

Author — Mista GG


Bran: "Mostly I live in the past"

Makes sense. The past is the only aspect of Game of Thrones worth watching.

Author — TheStapleGunKid


*Jon doesn't pet good boi Ghost goodbye *

MauLer: *wait that's illegal*

Author — cool beans


Waiting for your unbridled rage of the unbridled mess of an ending we got.

Author — Alteori


*_The camera cut away from Miss Sundae's decapitation, so I'm sure she's FINE..._*

Author — Jake Frost


man, you're like CinemaSins but actually good.

Author — Silica Sandwhich


Is it common for British people to call people food items when you're angry?
"You absolute ham sandwich"
That had me dying.

Author — TheGuyWhoIsAustralian


As much as I love your work. I don't think you kicked up enough of a stink about Jon straight up abandoning Ghost.

Author — The Tasty Tango


Season 1: Ned Stark gets a spear through the leg from a random soldier - spends the next episode bedridden and clearly unwell
Season 8: Brienne, Jaime and Sam are mauled by an army of zombies - get a few bruises and spend the next episode partying and banging

Author — Minna Ströman


"we're the last of the starks."

*then two episodes later instead of sticking together, everyone decides to part ways.*

great writing, d&d.

Author — some rando asshat on the internet


"Perhaps the true night king was the friends we made along the way"

I lol'ed

Author — Bob the Builder


"His Sundae" that caught me off guard. XD

Author — TheIrishNord TakingByStorm


I have a German Shepherd, he's called Zane. I've had him since he was 11 weeks, he turned two first of March this year. Every morning he smothers me, wagging his tail and making happy noises like he hasn't seen me in days. He comes nearly everywhere with me, he's protected me from a fight, helped me with my mental health, and is my absolute heart and soul. I've had people constantly comment on how nice he is, Hell people have even offered to buy him from me, Zane's loved by almost everyone who meets him. I would be dead if I didn't have Zane

And Jon, who had Ghost four times longer than I've had Zane, who have been through Hell and back together, who have fought together, saved and have always been there for each other, just gives him away

. . . . . CUN-!

Author — Cyber Spinosaur


Everyone: "Bad writers wtf"
Mauler: *You absolute ham sandwich*

Author — Luffy1045


"Is it common to marry your aunt in the North?" Jon's Stark grandpa, Ned's daddy, married his first cousin, the daughter of his uncle. She even had the name Stark before they married. Also, two generations before that two Stark women were married to their Stark uncles to manage a succession crisis. So yeah, it is common to marry your family in the North.

Author — John Smith


Release episodes 5 and 6 before I piss me self.

Author — liontuitt


They also never mention how Cersei knows that "MySunday" is even someone of importance to Daenerys. They only encountered each other once during the meeting at the dragon pit. And MySunday never spoke. Would Cersei care to remember the face of a servant? Would Greyjoy recognise her after the ambush? He'd probably just assume she was a prostitute that the sailors had smuggled aboard.

Author — snakesocks


"dorn is a garden with 5 people in it" llmmaaoo

Author — Steinmetz


I love these videos. So cathartic.

Can we also talk about how Bron's plan itself makes no sense. Even if I was to ignore his ability to enter a private room with two of the most valuable assets to Dany's army... I still need to address the fact that his "plan" doesn't make ANY sense at all.

Tyrion and Jaime agree to his terms. So they gave him their word? He has no reason to think nor do Jaime and Tyrion have any reason not to kill him when they now win the day... I don't see how Bron leaves that conversation thinking that he will get what he wants... If Cersei wins, then he didn't kill them... If Dany wins, assuming those two make it out alive, why would they make good on the promise they made for the man that threatened their life?

The entire scene is a perfect example of how contrived and nonsensical the writing has become. No aspect of it made a single shread of sense.

Author — Totally Not Mark