Inside The Fight To Retake Raqqa From ISIS (HBO)

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Inside The Fight To Retake Raqqa From ISIS (HBO) 5

Three months into the offensive to retake the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, the tide is beginning to turn. Syrian Democratic Forces took the Old City, including the city’s historic Great Mosque, meaning they now control 60 percent of the city. VICE News travels to Raqqa to witness the battle firsthand.

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These men have more courage then all of you keyboard warriors put together. God bless them.

Author — GingerBread Man


This and the drugs is why i subbed to vice

Author — Nice meme


Amazing men, they should be given more credit and voices. We in the US haven't a clue what's REALLY going on, or even who is who. News stations like Vice are a throwback to the press of old, in the trenches, telling the truth whether we like it or not. Kudos to you and your Brave reporters, cameramen and women.

Author — Justin Lelbach


Remember guys, these are the men Turkey has labeled as terrorists.

Author — DoctorChained


you people play black ops and modern warfare on the ps3 and think you know everything about war lmao sit down buddy

Author — Shaho Hasan


a single mother with children carrying almost a thousand syria...with their child looks healthy and happy...
yeah...very suspicious indeed

Author —


'' i'm not afraid of my fate, because i know i'm on the right side ".

Author — Dhyeaya Parmar


Dear God

Help these men get back to their families and normal life.
And thank them.

Author — Mary Clynch


We are sick of the smell of blood says what they’re going through, god give them peace ✌️.

Author — f&c


Respect to them and the reporters who have the balls to in such a area.

Author — Nicedamn


It's sad to think that after fighting ISIS, these fighters will probably face fighting Assad and his Iranian / Russian allies and Turkish troups.

Author — slovokia


This makes me realize how good we have it in the USA...

Author — Savage Sooner


Thank you Kurdish army for fighting against the isis dogs

Author — Donny Vang


Wish I met those brave men in person so I could tell them - "Thank you"

Author — Core i9-9900K


2:30 There’s a bullet chilling on his barrel lol

Author — Serotonin Feel


The land has become nothing but ruble.

Author — 9cowbell9


And the USA continues to fund both sides of this war...

Author — phuk offndy


Is this a re-upload? Because I watched the same thing about 12 hours ago.

Author — Abhishek Bisht


Seems like everyone is a 'commander' over there.

Author — On 2Wheels


3:37 he is
looking like a Hollywood actor

Author — Gurpreet Chattha