Trump holds 'MAGA' campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina

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Trump holds 'MAGA' campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina 4.5
President Trump hits the campaign trail again with a rally in North Carolina. The event was originally scheduled to be on the same day as former Special Counsel Mueller's long-awaited testimony before the latter was postponed to next week. #FoxNewsLive #FoxNews

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I can't wait to order a drink from AOC in 2020 again. 😁😁😁



Trump is a breath of fresh air. Finally a president that punches back.

Author — Kay Jenkins


God Bless our Military and Law Enforcement

Author — The Josh Bernstein Show


Wouldn't it be an excellent testimony if President Trump wins California ? I would absolutely LOVE IT!!

Author — Meg Random site


The Left makes me nihilistic, if they win, you can kiss whatever future you had planned goodbye.

Author — Farthest Prawn


You are looking at a man who truly loves America. he works for free btw. don't see the
squad working for free. let's see them donate their salary to charity.

Author — Barry Smith


Every single person at work is going to vote for Trump 2020. Democrats at work switched to the other side. They can't stand the crazy radical left any longer.

Author — doitee52


Watched Mr. America's speech 2 1/2 times. He is just what America needed years ago. Just love him and the great crowd there. What wonderful women around him unlike the commie ugly hate America squad. Vote out the America haters.

Author — Marlee Elgis


They do love their President.

Author — j barnes


I can't think of one Democrat that makes me feel patriotic, not one! Rock on Trump.

Author — Lyle Wags


We need that bumper sticker from the 70's, 'AMERICA LOVE IT, OR LEAVE IT!'

Author — Kathryn Reynolds


Long Island is with you Trump. We’ve been hidden by the far left of New York State

Author — The Rush


I was a Democrat in 2016, but in 2020 I'm voting for Trump!

Author — trueboss926


I’m going on 60 and I liked Ron but I love Trump ... it really feels genuine and he does do what he says ! He makes politicians look like the big phoney liars they are

Author — Baseball


Next MAGA rally should be in a baseball stadium

Author — Dany Bilodeau


Can you imagine how boring Politics would be without President Trump?

Author — Hairy John


Can you imagine: for the first four years of the Obama disaster, he blamed everything on Bush, now that he is gone, he wants to accept responsibility for the Great accomplishments of the Trump economy. Obama accomplished one thing and that is he allowed Jimmy Carter to not be the worst President in history. I am sure that Jimmy is happy.
Trump is the quintessential alpha male who is the antidote to the Leftist Marxist lying, hate filled Democrat party and their sycophants the Fake news media
Trump is head and shoulders better than any other President in history. Vote Trump 2020 and throw the democrats out of the Congess.

Author — Joseph Mellen


Black man here and i voted for trump in 2016 and will vote for him in 2020. He isnt perfect, but just like good medicine he is JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ordered. We need to save our great country USA from the commies and anti American dems. And only dems are too left and feminism and anti male. And kamala Harris will put more black men and latino men in prison. SO its Hell no to dems and a HECK YEAH FOR TRUMP.

Author — Tony Williams


Just like Geo. Washington, Trump has The Hand of God upon and just General Washington, NOTHING can stop Trump! is Divinely Ordained!

Author — L Paine


Latinos for Trump. KAG. Viva el presidente! Viva Trump.

Author — Not RightMeow