Shuttle Atlantis STS-132 - Amazing Shuttle Launch Experience

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Shuttle Atlantis STS-132 - Amazing Shuttle Launch Experience 4.5

Kennedy Space Center, May 14th 2010.
I was privileged to travel to the Kennedy Space Center, to watch the launch of Atlantis, on what was then, the final "scheduled" flight of the orbiter (STS-132). This video is my homage to the shuttle program, through the in depth experience of a single orbiter launch. I believe we should be thankful for the Atlantis orbiter, all her astronauts, the countless NASA staff who made her fly, and the American people who created a space vehicle of extraordinary power and grace.

This footage incorporates numerous camera views from the ground, footage I took during launch, and video and audio from NASA showing the orbiter stack itself, during takeoff and flight -- in order to experiencing the all the preparation and the resulting eight and a half minute exhilarating ride into space.

In places, the timeline of the actual events has been extended slightly to allow us to see different viewpoints of the same moment, and better experience the amazing feat of launching a spacecraft into orbit.

Enjoy the ride!


After this flight, Atlantis was processed and prepared to fly one last time... this time as "on call" STS-335, which would remain flight ready, should either of the remaining two orbiters flights require a rescue mission.

A rescue flight was not needed and Congress, in a rare moment of clarity, appropriated enough money to extend the program to allowed the already "flight ready" Atlantis to launch one last time and to become the last shuttle mission of the Shuttle Program, as STS-135.

Atlantis now has a home at the Kennedy Space Center.

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This is a great video I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. There are a lot of great things happening with the space program and other companies participating in the space program, but there's something especially amazing about what NASA has done and what they have accomplished through the work of so many people. I really encourage people to check out the book "High Calling" written by the Columbia Commander Rick husband wife.

Author — Relivit Media Productions


Anyone here after the succesful launch of the Falcon 9 by SpaceX and NASA? It was beautiful

Author — Iván Franco


Imagine the stress... sitting with gallons of highest grade gasoline and ball of fire beneath....

Author — Praven Dixit


who’s here because we’re launching again after a decade?

Author — Snow Ben


Bruh no ones talking about the cameraman hanging off the side of the rocket?

Author — r3d_d3d


I miss the space shuttle. I have loved watching them lift off when I was a kid.

Author — That Disney Fan


15:14 In this moment, a needle does not pass through the ring

Author — Thiago Santos


17:06 did I see a piece of foam fell off the external tank

Author — gender Gendie Roblox


Who is watching after Crew Demo-2 abort?

Author — Davide Martino


God bless the people who had the nerve to do this brave and amazing people :)

Author — Llama Twinz


Whos after here when Spacex and Nasa are going to space?

Author — Rigon Berishaj


I never realized how badly I want to see a rocket launch in real life until now.

Author — july7nyc


I've always wanted to go to space. Right now, at 16, I'm working to get my private pilots license, go to MIT for Aerospace Engineering, become a fighter pilot, and apply for the astronaut candidate program. Something about doing something like this gives me a warm feeling inside. This is what I want. This is how I want to spend the rest of my days. Soaring high, where no one's gone before. I watched the shuttle launches when I was a kid, and I loved them. Thank you for bringing back a part of my childhood. Fly high, Atlantis. You've done great things, and will live on in the memory of the next generation of space explorers. Godspeed.

Author — Ian Paul


SOMEBODY is always going to say, "Whooo, YEAH baby!"

Author — beeleo


The amount of effort that went into this is unbelievable. Love every bit of it.

Author — Sam47


Truly amazing thankyou so much for this if we all joined together as nations instead fighting look at the things we can truly achieve I pray for this every day ❤️🙏

Author — Faye Cox


This really made reflect on how incredible we are as humans.

Author — brikeibur123


17:39 I used to live by the Zaragoza Air Force Base in Spain and always secretly hoped they'd have a minor issue that would force them to divert there and land...

Author — Zekke


Let enjoy to the space aircraft! Grace!!

Author — Boreyrak Kim


The human being. You're really capable of some fantastic things. Imagine engineering the projects the amount of extraordinary people who worked together to accomplish this. Despite the wars and all the misery we are still able to produce, I have hope in the human being.

Author — Jones