Belize and the Maya History

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Belize and the Maya History 5

Although Belize's Maya occupation began as early as 1500 BC, it was during the Classic period of 250 AD to 900 AD that the population is thought to have exceeded one million people. Archaeological remains of the ancient Maya include pottery, skeletons, stelae, and tall palaces, temples, and ceremonial centers.

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if u go into african their are lots of africans wit smooth hair, curly, kinky, redair, some albino, some have blue, green, eyes NONMIXED.

Author — Azazyah Yisrael


I haven’t been back to Belize since I was a kid but got the chance to go back and see my family not knowing it was the last time I would see my grandmother. But the time I was there it felt like home cause everyone knows everyone through family or friends

Author — emmanuel quiroz


@1980vince It predates the writing of the bible, not the 'some' of the stories written in it like Gen. I'll admit it takes faith. If it's true then evil wld b very persistent in this world b/c us thru sin. It's something every1 nowadays seems 2 b drifting away from. Even people who claim 2 b 'Christians' add their own perspectives & misguided views towards it. It's true that books were left out, Enoch 4 exmple, which help answer some questions. It's the last thing the world wants u 2 turn to.

Author — parker berlinger


This is brand new YouTube, "Steppenloewe1", "Maya". Best regards Andreas

Author — Andreas Helberg


i was there on 05/09/2019 "High Temple, Lamani, Belize"

Author — Amanda Albach


thumbs up if u came here because of national geographic

Author — TheHumanPigg


the only reason the mayan callender didn't end is because of leap years

Author — Jeff Barnett


that would make the calender end sooner not later. leap year skips a day. If they were not skipping days than we would be ahead of them not behind.

Author — bs82085


That is actually inconclusive but should a considered theory (like the other theories)...Belize was used as a slave trading port like Acapulco. About 200, 000 Africans were brought to these ports over the years to substitute the Maya slaves. The Maya slaves were not accustomed to the european diseases.

Author — Gaia029


The Olmecs were black, and thats a fact. And they were there before the Mayans.

Author — Shawn Owens


Heritage that belongs to Guatemala, will soon return to its rightful owner.

Author — edy quevedo


Africans were in the americas before the europeans. They were here trading with the other people. I already heard about this but it was confirmed by a native that I have spoken to. She told me about some of the beads that they used to use but can no longer find that were traded from the africans well before european colonization.

Author — Chaphatzy-bah Batyah