7 Things You Didn't Know About Kingdom Come Deliverance!

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7 Things You Didn't Know About Kingdom Come Deliverance! 4.5
Are any of these new to you, or am i just an idiot


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Would love to know how many of these were things you knew or if any were actually news to you :)

Автор — Resonant


Who knew, beating meat is the best way to get strong

Автор — Magofire


You broke the first rule. NEVER TALK ABOUT COW FIGHT CLUB.

Автор — Steve Wilson


I accidentally put all my Saviours Schnapps into the first cooking pot in Rattay and thought it odd that Theresa was stumbling around drunk a few moments later.

Автор — Yeev


Isn't the first fact in the tutorial...

Автор — Waga shuchuu ni ari


Decline all random duels then backstab them to sell their items for a higher price since you didnt damage them in a fight.

Автор — PlasmaBurns


Would be nice if cruise control could match speeds with the horses of the people you need to follow.

Автор — Pirate Mike


If you pick up a lot of poisonous plants like nettles, fly agarics and belladonas you will eventually learn a hidden perk *Resistance* giving you permanent +2 to Vitality.

Автор — Ahmed Falahy


If you're a poacher, like myself, people are uninterested in buying the meat you gather. That's why you should cook the meat in a pot or stove and then sell it to them.

Автор — Ben Brodie


Ive used poison a lot, but I never thought to give my own guys strength potions. Good idea

Автор — Hunter Thomas


Leveling up strength is much quicker sparring against with Bernard with practice swords

Автор — Narce6 SOR - Australian ArmA


TIP: u can find nests on the trees, shoot them down with arrows and find very useful things in them

Автор — John Blackhills


Rocky was right to punch dead frozen cows then i guess -)

Автор — rub ber


yea if you go to jail they'll be back. but boy are they angry with you...

Автор — Nefarious One


Most people don't realize how the merchants work either. The merchants actually sell what they buy from you. After selling things to them if you return after a few hours/days they'll have more Groschen to trade with you than they've ever had before.

Автор — Raffi Shaw


If you are prone to motion sickness, its highly recommended NOT to use the "cruise" function. In "cruise-mode" your horse adjusts left and right at every little twist & turn, makeing the viewpoint constantly swaying around. Steer yourselft to ride in nice straight lines instead, far less nausea inducing :)

Автор — dagdriver


No magic, no super powers, no monsters. Just a good historical RPG

Автор — Adalard Richter


The last herbalist skill gives you 1% exp of str for each time you pick a flower.

Автор — Dribrom Sunrock


Saying "It's basically horse cruise control " Is very misleading. Having got used to it on KCD I saw this video and decided to use it IRL. My car totally failed to take a corner on it's own and I've lost my no claims bonus.

Автор — Bob Walker


Some NPCs cant be killed, you can only knock them unconcious, which means they are still technically alive. That means you will still get xp for hiting their unconcious corpse. This is the fastest training method as far as I know. It works with the Bailif in Sasau, for example.

Автор — Frederick the Great