7 Things You Didn't Know About Kingdom Come Deliverance!

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7 Things You Didn't Know About Kingdom Come Deliverance! 4.5
Are any of these new to you, or am i just an idiot


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Would love to know how many of these were things you knew or if any were actually news to you :)

Author — Resonant


Who knew, beating meat is the best way to get strong

Author — Magofire


Isn't the first fact in the tutorial...

Author — Waga shuchuu ni ari


You broke the first rule. NEVER TALK ABOUT COW FIGHT CLUB.

Author — Steve Wilson


I accidentally put all my Saviours Schnapps into the first cooking pot in Rattay and thought it odd that Theresa was stumbling around drunk a few moments later.

Author — Yeev


Would be nice if cruise control could match speeds with the horses of the people you need to follow.

Author — Mike


Decline all random duels then backstab them to sell their items for a higher price since you didnt damage them in a fight.

Author — PlasmaBurns


Ive used poison a lot, but I never thought to give my own guys strength potions. Good idea

Author — Hunter Thomas


If you pick up a lot of poisonous plants like nettles, fly agarics and belladonas you will eventually learn a hidden perk *Resistance* giving you permanent +2 to Vitality.

Author — Ahmed Falahy


Leveling up strength is much quicker sparring against with Bernard with practice swords

Author — Narce6 SOR - Australian ArmA


yea if you go to jail they'll be back. but boy are they angry with you...

Author — Nefarious One


The last herbalist skill gives you 1% exp of str for each time you pick a flower.

Author — Dribrom Sunrock


TIP: u can find nests on the trees, shoot them down with arrows and find very useful things in them

Author — John Blackhills


8th thing : you can use weapons to kill enemies

Author — Frostbite


If you are prone to motion sickness, its highly recommended NOT to use the "cruise" function. In "cruise-mode" your horse adjusts left and right at every little twist & turn, makeing the viewpoint constantly swaying around. Steer yourselft to ride in nice straight lines instead, far less nausea inducing :)

Author — dagdriver


DONT BY IT ON PS4, long loading screens, not so fluid graphics. Not so cool..

Author — simosmaximos


No magic, no super powers, no monsters. Just a good historical RPG

Author — Adalard Richter


Most people don't realize how the merchants work either. The merchants actually sell what they buy from you. After selling things to them if you return after a few hours/days they'll have more Groschen to trade with you than they've ever had before.

Author — Raffi Shaw


First thing we didn't know about Kingdom come deliverance is there are many bugs. Lol

Author — HM


all of these were properly tutorialised, it's propably useful to learn to read in real life aswell as in the game

Author — Tom Merker