My Summer Car Online Gameplay (MSCO 1.7) - Multiplayer Mod

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Hello! I'm Nika, the owner of MSCO. In this video, I show clips of me playing MSCO with my friend. There might be signs of desync because we had 200-300 ping between us :(

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Call that mod "Our summer car" xddd

Author — Mozee


Duuuude, i have been dreaming with this since the beginning, i saw some other developer fail with this, but you seem on the right path! Thank you for doing this and i wish you a lot of luck :"")

Author — AssettoDriver


Can’t wait for you to sync the satsuma so me and the bois can rally together

Author — SaucyCat


Hello guys! This video is 7 minutes long just showing clips of our gameplay.
For future updates we will do shorter ones that show off whats new!
Thanks for watching and all the support <3

Author — Nixka


Thank you so much for this. Been waiting for MSC to put out that "multiplayer update" that they talked about in a dev stream for so long.

Author — Michael Gatti


Kova meno kehitelkää tätä lisää ja pidemmälle. Ois kiva jos joskus tulis semmonen että ois kaks romuu siel tallissa ja niita kasattais yhdessä :)

Author — Veeti Mäkinen


Hi! I know everyone keeps saying this, but ive kept carrying on msc back from the games earliest days in 2016 and done pretty much every thing in every update ect ect.. But this is something that has been a big myth and a dream from the very beginning for me but for pretty much everyone in this community and it puts a big smile on many faces seeing you working on something so "impossible". I'm wishing you (and your friend(s)/team) luck on this. And remember you are making dreams come true every day with little things like this one. Hope i'll hear about this some day again. But till then see ya!

Author — ieke heej


0:42 quick tip you can share sausages by putting the package on the stove or grill or whatever hot surface that can cook the stuff

And you will get rid of more hunger than eating the whole package at once Idk why but thats how it works

Author — Random Slav


Multiplayer + This game is something that should never exist, however at the same time, I like it.

Author — Status D


Literally every time I hear that discord notification noise I check my discord got me this time

Author — Mruca


Now this is epic

Can't wait to see this fully done

Author — smurffi


I love you guys!! Thx for doing this mod!! <3

Author — SubsteRR


Wow that’s awesome keep up the work dude!

Author — ChevyGamer622


Great job msc is great like this and really better and less boring and other dev failed with it but you:
You made animations for most things etc

Author — Hade


yo this is amazing i need friends to play with and also the knowledge to down lode and correctly use mods lol

Author — Revan Playz


I love this! You're doing gods work my friend.

Author — Unknown Terror


Nice Job !! Old mod multiplayer its outdated :( I still wait for New update on yours mod mp.

Author — Leito Saleri


Hello Nika please help me i don't know where my satsuma gt went when i logged in with msco it wasn't there yet

Author — Antal Ervin


Nice mod keep the good work i love my summer car

Author — Nikola Gnjatic


Amazing love it, Hmm now we kinda need a way to have 2 cars so both players can race their own

Author — Demelition