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Fox News Claims It Never Called COVID-19 a Hoax | NowThis 4.5

Sean Hannity denies ever referring to the coronavirus a hoax.

In US news and current events today, news and stories about the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold across the globe. In recent comments, Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, and Trish Regan have said they are taking coverage of the coronavirus very seriously — despite previous comments in which they dismiss the severity of the pandemic.

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FOX: Our viewers are stupid, so we can get away with anything.

Author — Allin7days


Fox News is probably in large part responsible for the divide in America today.

Author — Silent Shadow


*This is why Fox News is the WORST NEWS MEDIA IN AMERICA... FAILURE.*

Author — ALJK


Two people in the US died of Ebola and republcans say Obama failed. One hundred forty thousand died of covid 19 and they say Trump knows what he's doing.

Author — Cindy Greene


I can’t believe how they can deny saying things that are on record for the world to see

Author — babsinoz


It's like they're in denial that a black president did a better job at handling an outbreak than their white president did.

Author — Kakuzeus


"If Trump fails, people die." He's right tho. Trump IS failing and people ARE dying

Author — caterina mastrogiacomo


"we've never called the Coronavirus a hoax, except for all the times we called the Coronavirus a hoax.."

Author — xYouthAttackx


"Fair and Balanced"? No. It aint even news. They should have their broadcasting license pulled unless they identify themselves as the "propaganda/entertainment" channel.

Author — Canned Heat


Fox is banned from the UK due to their lack of integrity

Author — Victoria Godley


If Obama were still president, we'd all be sitting in movie theaters and bars already.

Author — Fvkc-R-E_2_d_9th-PWR


Fox news is full of criminals Who got pardon by Trump. People die everyday because Trump is president.

Author — Hikky


Ladies and gentlemen, these are the people who hate America and falsely claim to be patriots.

Author — Helmsman


How can these Fox News “reporters” sleep at night..

Author — PFYT88


When your audience has *goldfish memory* you can change your story every 5 minutes.

Author — Mr Sosha Da baad Man


The Trump Flu: A potentially fatal disease which causes symptoms such as selfishness, constant lying, and stupidity.

Author — Vic Go


All these people should not be allowed to report anything on TV. A total disgrace.



And this is why, l never watch Trump news oh sorry, l meant Fox News!!

Author — Tracey Walsh


How many Europeans, Asians, Africans, Australians, South Americans wonder what is going on in the USA?

Author — Peter Meter


It's like they don't know they're being filmed.

Author — Rooney