COVID-19 Animation: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

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COVID-19 Animation: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus? 5

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If your reading this have a good day and I god bless you won’t get infected EVER

Author — TacoMoraco


2020 is a year that we will never forget .

during all my entire life, i have never seen that.schools were closed for many months mosques were closed even praying on Friday is not allowed.

we reallly thought we were going to die and the end of world has came .

many researchers say that many millions of people are going to die at the end of the pandemic.

all the world is confused .

Author — Issou Abdou


I'm experiencing cough, headache, chest pain, joint pains, a bit running nose.
Taken a treatment for cold but didn't work.
Stay safe guys. ❣️

Author — Nickkverse


Who ever reading this - I pray for you and your family's good health.

Author — Abyssinian Style


Can't wait for the day to hear....
"COVID-19 is finally gone"

Edit : thanks for the 1k likes 😍

Edit 2 : OMG 🤩 3K likes 🤗

Author — Wezoku Medo


Imagine saying to a covid patient to *stay positive*

Author — Ultimaghost


History teacher in the future: So a deadly fire in Australia, a possible US-Iranian war, the death of the legendary athlete Kobe, a worldwide pandemic that caused the world to go into a lockdown, and a confirmation of UFOs happened across a period of time
*Edit: Also nationwide protests and riots in the US*
Students: What was the timeframe when this all happened?
Teacher: First few months of 2020

Author — Timy L


At 2055
Kid: Hey Grandma how was 2020 year went?
Grandma: *I don't want to talk about it.*

Author — ShortieShort Loli


cant wait till i hear ''we found the cure''

Author — Cabrones cabron


This is for anyone who is really scared of COVID-19.
I'm currently quarantining in a medical resort that only patients who tested positive can be there and stay for 2 weeks before taking a new test. I'm currently on day 8 after my positive results and I have ZERO symptoms so far not even a cough and my temp is very normal. I asked 19 patients who live with me about their experience and their symptoms and it breaks down as follow:
- 12 patients feel very normal and have no symptoms what so ever. (age roughly 19-33) (most of them passed 5 days in quarantine)
- 3 patients can't taste food and are unable to smell fragrances but has no fever or other symptoms. (age roughly 30-35) (most of them passed 5 days in quarantine)
- 3 patients has slight fever roughly between 38 to 38.3 and 3 of them has dry cough and one of them has slight burning sensation in the chest area. (age roughly 30-35) (most of them passed 5 days in quarantine)
- 1 patients suffered from fatigue, dry cough, fever and headache. He might have more symptoms that I'm not aware of but he looked quite tired to me. (age 36) (passed 3 days in quarantine).
and in my case I'm 27 years old and so far everything is fine. I make sure that I take multivitamin, omega 3 and Vitamin D every single day to make sure that my body is not lacking any vitamins. please note that I'm not a doctor/expert and i was not asked by medical staff to take any of these supplements. I just take them to ensure that my body gets what it needs to fight COVID 19. so basically i writing this comment to let people know that corona virus isn't always scary. It can be nothing for the majority us. And if you tested positive for corona please do not freak out but calm yourself instead and remember that most of people won't suffer like what the news say. Hope everyone have a wonderful day!

Author — MacS3ood


Year 2020 should be the best history of next generations, and tell them about how our front line doctors risked their lifes and sacrifice themselves, oh Allah! please make their way to jannah easy and, make their grave comfortable for them, Ameen

Author — Qaiser Shaheen


Well this 2020 sucks....many people lost their jobs, many became homeless and so many died, many are there who are not getting food....let's pray for all humanity...and we should also thank god that we are getting food😔😔

Author — simran roy


Covid19: I didn't come to kill, I just come To discipline and people rearing

Author — Rahime Rayane


this will be played in biology classes many years later and your grandchildren will ask you about it

Author — aylin lopez


Dear Nucleus Medical Media, how come pandemics of this scale typically occur around the 20th of the century, for the last 500 years?

Author — Stefan Veenstra


Scalp massage is the most important after taking a shower.

Author — 林湘涵


just imagine if china never exist this covid-19/coronavirus would never happen! -_-

Author — La'RiyahSlayys Channel


In 2030

My daughter: Hey mom did you have fun in 2020
Me: Oh girl...- sighs - you know what imma tell you about that...

Author — Mariam Moutafian


I'm from Italy guys.. this virus its not a joke.. please stay home.. stay safee.. Save your'e family.. Save the world we can do it...Peace!🇮🇹

Author — GripiTV


I am tested positive n m in a hospita.. pray for my recovery.

Author — Sans S