What is Public Policy?

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What is Public Policy? 4.5

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I'm sad that I can find better professors on youtube than the ones I am paying for at my local community college. Thank you for actually teaching your class and not spending half the time talking about your personal life.

Author — Nawla Haras


Thank you very much for your brief explanation.

Author — yohannes zinger


Career wise, what can you do in the public policy field? Where can you work in the private sector and public sector?

Author — waterhead001


Thanks for uploading. Hope you also upload PUAD 502 – Introduction to
Public Administration.

Author — Hasaz


thank you Rob Raffety... i learned a lot...!

Author — duke dioso


good idea to review thank you very much.!!

Author — Virginia Ballentos


I liked your way of delievering lecture.

Author — syed irfan haider


Hello Professor, talking about % or comparing it to other professions, one with a master in public policy but no job experience has a chance of getting a job and of course referring to on 40 K plus minimum

Author — Ramon Rosario


Is it more insightful to use the model of ‘structured interaction’ rather than
‘authoritative choice’ to understand how policy is developed? and why is it so difficult to define public policy?

Author — StillGotShit4Brains


what's the projected earning potential for an mpp, mpa and mph in the public sector (working for government)?

Author — Rose


Hello. Actually right now I'm studying public policy. But I'm confuse to choose for master. public policy or political science which one efficient for me . Thanks

Author — matiullah azizi


Sir, i am an Indian student currently studying BBA in Media. I am determined to take Public Policy as my masters subject.It would be a great help if you can suggest me some good colleges and to some extent guide me, i know it's a lot to ask but sir i would really be a huge opportunity for me. Thanking you- Anubhav.

Author — Anubhav Chakraborty


I support Trump in possession of Bolsonaro in Brazil

Author — haroldo junior


Would a BA in public policy be better or political science or public administration ?

Author — Shawn Afshar