Kiev, Ukraine: Europe's Greatest City 🇺🇦

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Kiev, Ukraine: Europe's Greatest City 🇺🇦 4.5
■ Kiev, Ukraine's capital, has seen more hardship over the past 100 years than any other city in Europe. Yet the city still stands proud on both sides of the banks of the river Dnipro.

For the past 45 days I've been studying Russian here. This film shows are some of the amazing people I've met and things I've seen over that period.

From hardworking normal citizens to great tourist attractions. From the sublime beaches along the river Dnipro to fantastic church art. These clips hopefully serves to give people and impression of what Kiev is truly like.

Kiev is paradise on earth during both summer and winter in terms of the open green spaces scattered all over the city. Towards the end of this film I go through some of the tragic history Kiev have suffered through and explain why this place deserves the title as Europe's greatest city.

As I did in my last movie I encourage people to visit Kiev or Ukraine for a holiday and spend money in the economy. Since then I've had my parents visit and they absolutely loved the city. They thought it was safe, beautiful and an extremely interesting part of Europe to wander around and explore in.

For first time visitors I recommend the Hotel Ukraina on Kreschatyk street. It's an old classic Soviet style hotel and used to be the most expensive hotel in Kiev during the days of the Soviet Union. The rooms are relatively modern and offer great value for money. The location of the hotel is also sublime.

As for time of year to visit Kiev, personally I love the winters when the city is covered in a thick layer of snow. If you can't handle minus 20 Celsius though, Ukraine's warmest months are June and July.

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I hope to visit this city one day!

Side note: Damm, Ukrainian girls are the best!

Author — Paul


Beautiful Kiev!!! My hometown! Thanks man for your great video and awesome speech in the end!

Author — Ivan Postnikov


Harald, another great video. The fine tribute you made to Kiev and Ukraine at the end was worth the price of admission. You're actually a pretty smart and thoughtful person yourself. Thumbs up.

Author — Buckman Austin


Great to see some European cities still look European.

Author — moustachebro4life


I cannot agree with you more brother, I just got back to L.A. from Kiev last Monday and everything was amazing. You were spot one with your statements, and the people are wonderful. As for the women, every 3rd one can be a model and every 5th a supermodel for sure. What an experience.

Author — Nigel Smart


I am very surprised that this video got so much interest and views! Pleasant to know thats people are interested! I wish just to educate yourself and be openminded

Author — Taya Ukraine


Ukraine is a country that still has its European heritage unlike many Western European countries

Author — Tom Brady


This what white privileged is, strong work ethics, intelligent people and moralistic.

Author — safffff1000


Thank You very match man!!!Welcome to Ukraine!!!

Author — Нехай Щастить


Wow that church is stunning, and the city is beautiful, so are the women.

Author — Nurse Ratchet


Hey Harlddddl! You need a refresher English grammar course and whatever else they throw in with it. I mean, you’re a man of the world, but are inept in simply basics of your own language. Not a good example for
Good luck though!

Author — Ivan Stojanov


What a fantastic last few minutes. I wish people all over the world could see this video. Magnificent.

Author — T V


This man has shown me things I will never see in this life, and I appreciate him for this..

Author — secretdrone


You are a great ambassador for Ukraine. We, in the west, generally have no idea what those brave people have had to endure. Bravo Ukraine!

Author — smokedoliver1


You are an excellent presenter for a travel show. Well done.

Author — ian forde


As a English man I really appreciated your history into Ukraine such a beautiful place I only hope the new dream of the union doesn’t destroy these sacred lands
Great video man big respect from one crusader to Another god bless 👍🏻

Author — SHRINE 32


I don't believe I would ride that zip line. I have trust issues. Haha

Author — Norman D


Yes- I've been in Kiev and western Ukraine/ strong, gentle, creative people- and a beautiful place.

Author — Donna Johnson


After watching this video and seeing the Ukraine girls, I booked a holiday to with my wife 😂

Author — Marco Giovanni


Harald, thank you for video and for your trying to look deeply into the history of Kyiv and Ukraine.
The last part of the video, which tells the story was sincere and good.

Author — Lena A