How To Fly With A Bike | Mountain Bike Travel Tips

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So you're going on a riding holiday with your mountain bike, should you choose a cardboard bike box or dedicated bike travel bag to fly with? Here's Neil with the pros and cons 🛫

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Do you use a bag or a box?

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💬 Comments

16:57 as someone who works at an airport, baggage handlers don't treat anything with respect, no matter what it is you are flying with make sure it's well protected.
I've seen bags dropped on the tarmac countless times and seen multiple time bags and parcels being dropped 4+ meters from the aircraft onto the tarmac. You'd hope that'd be difficult with a bike bag, but never ever trust them to look after your stuff!

Author — MegaGouch


Great video! Do you recommend letting pressures out of tyres, forks, shocks before flying?

Author — Matthew Swallow


As an airline pilot, I can tell you this. A sealed tire is considered hazmat (hazardous material) because of the change in pressure as the plane climbs. Even though the cargo holds on most planes are pressurized, they still regularly reach a pressure altitude of 8000 feet. There isn’t much risk there, but if there’s a decompression event on the flight, the pressure in the tire increases along with the risk of an explosive rupture. For more (and for fun) you should inflate a tire until it bursts.

Author — Yokes and Spokes


If your bike is wobbling about in the bag/box try using a cheap inflatable beach lilo or similar to fold around the frame. Once inflaited the bike is protected, cushioned and kept in place. Just a thought, hope it helps.

Author — Tony Sadler


some airlines have a 23 kg instead of the 32 kg weight limit. That makes it pretty hard. Important tip about breaks: if you have adjustable reach break levels dial them all the way in (so that they do not actually work even when the handle is all the way pulled). This way your bike is immune to accidental lever pull which could result in the break pads migrating inwards to the point where you have to pull them apart again or even bleed the breaks.

Author — Alexander Repenning


Keep old hubs to put in place of wheels to prevent frame/fork squeezing, and put a strap over the seat in case the dropper lever gets nudged

Author — Empty Bee


This has got to be one of the most useful channels on YouTube! Great work chaps, simply outstanding.

Author — Muraguri Muraya


Very helpful video full of useful tips for packing your bicycle, as I am going travelling to the UK by car ferry, for a weekend of mountain biking in Wales for my Stag do with all 5 of my mountain biking group mates. In order to fit all 6 bikes into my mate's van are going to have to pack our bikes into bike bags. Will be showing this to my mountain biking club mates, bring on Wales.

Author — Declan Faughey


good piece of advice. Take the bike apart with the tools you will take with you to ensure you have the same tools when you arrive. Especially if you have a home bike shop that you are used to using.

Author — Jake Ehrlich


Thanks for the video! Why do you leave the derailleur hanger on the frame, and not remove it with the derailleur?

Author — M Jones


Great video. But there is a third option, a hard case. I've flown with my bike packed in an EVOC soft case similar to your DB case. Still, the baggage handlers somehow managed to damage it. Now the Thule RoundTrip Transition hard case is the only one I trust. Haven`t had so much as a scratch on my bike since. Thanks again for all the informative and entertaining videos.

Author — Mike C.


Great video! My airline allows a maximum of 270cm total dimensions. That wasnt covered here. Can someone provide that information? Just the size of the box vs the protective case. thank you

Author — Jacqueline Shagam


Quite informative. But the real question is how did Blake get Neil to pack up his bike? Did Neil lose a bet? Blake is sneaky.

Author — Ben L


Heres my 2 cents...

Take the stem off, with the bars still in place..
Pop a couple "spare" headset spacers and nip the top cap back up to keep the headset compressed nicely and that way your bars are exactly how you ride them.. no resetting them when you land!

Author — OLI170


Don't use a cardboard box from a bike shop use one that had a plasma screen in it. Baggage handlers treat them with care, if they happen to be 'haters' they'll be drawn to your bike in a clearly identified bike box like they are when they are driving past you on the road. 👍

Author — miles smith


#askgmbn do you need to let the air out of your rear shock and forks before you fly?

Author — Jonathon Campbell


If you go on a bikepacking event and just fly there and get home from e.g. another airport, you leave the box at the airport.
But where do you leave it, is there a designated area to get rid of, or could you get rid of it at the by-a-new-box department?

Author — Rick Overdijk


How to fly with mtb? Look for a kicker ramp and send it

Author — RCS


Thanks, finally I don't have to deflate my tyres..
Great video :b

Author — kresna cakra


Sometimes your luggage might travel on completely different plane. I traveled through 3 different airports, luggage went straight on other plane.

Author — Pienimusta