Paradise California Fire Dad, Kids & Pets Near Death Escape WARNING VERY INTENSE VIDEO Camp Fire Ca

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Paradise California Fire Dad, Kids & Pets Near Death Escape WARNING VERY INTENSE VIDEO Camp Fire Ca 5
***This video is very emotionally intense*** We only had 15 minutes to get out!
Kaden 17, Dallen 14, and Landen 12, dogs Coco, Jet and lizard driving through unforgiving inferno. Dallen's prayer gets us through. We were one of the last cars to go down Skyway.

We lost everything and were grossly under insured. Please help my kids. Even a dollar helps. If Everyone who watched this video sent a dollar we'd have much less to worry about.

Here is our vinmo account. Anything helps.


Update 10/28/18 Many people have wondered why we waited so long to leave? Why we didn't get out when the police told us to? The police never told us to, it was a church member. We left within 10 minutes of the call. The roads were backed up. Several years ago the town council decided it would be good for downtown business to take our 5 lane road down to 2 lanes. This caused major back ups. As we got to the bottom of Paradise they were sending some cars down Skyway and some down Neal Rd. As we got to the y in the road a car caught on fire on Skyway, I asked the fireman if he really wanted us to still drive into that. He yelled GO! GO! GO! I went and the video is what we drove through. My mom who was behind us was sent down Neal Road and she said there was no fires the way she went. We left everything. There was no time, the fires engulfed the town very quickly.

Update 2:10 am Sunday. While driving 80 towards sacramento at 5:30pm just as we crested the summit Landen panicked and grabbed my hand. I looked and saw what he saw and my blood pressure shot up. What once would have been a beautiful orange sunset, now looked like the skyline was on fire.

Update HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE! We have nothing yet we have everything. My family lost everything but we all made it out alive. Our hearts and love goes out to all those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. You are in our prayers.
The Parrotts
Harvey and Karen lost their home of 53 years
Brent lost his home and practice
Brian lost the town he grew up in
Blane lost home and practice
Blair lost home
Brynn lost home and practice

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Hearing a child cry hysterically because he and his family made it out alive is so terrifying to me. I am so glad these people got out safely.

Author — Alex Penza


The end of this video, hearing the young child break down from joy, made me cry.

Author — Sav3dbyGrace


Literally looks like they're driving through hell

Author — Rachel Austin


This is, so far, the most profound video I’ve seen come out of Paradise and I’ve watched them sir, just mentored me to be a calm, strong dad if my kids/wife and I are ever in a life threatening kept your head, and your kids will never forget their hero dad. The emotional release of your boy as you entered clear sky pretty much did me in and I had a moment as I listened to him cry...thank you for posting the midst of political disagreements, societal immaturity, and lost faith, this video completely restored my faith in humanity, God, and gave me a higher bar to reach for as a father to my own little girls. Powerful stuff. Hang in there, you guys are a tighter family because of this... 💪🏽 #paradisestrong

Author — Scott Bennett


What an amazing father. And what amazing faith. Never let go of God's hand! He definitely guided this family and everyone else on that road out of skyway to safety. What an amazing testament this was!

Author — Vanessa Montenegro


Omg that kid is breaking my heart. I can hear the fear in his voice. Bless him and his family . Thankful they made it out. 🙏🏻

Author — tara pasco


I’m so glad you’re safe. I can’t imagine how hard it was to stay calm for the kids. You did an amazing job. I started bawling the second your kid started crying with relief.

Author — SoccerLife89


What an absolutely Cool Head.
Thumbs up Dad!

Author — Michael K.


"Can we get as far away from Paradise as we can?" a strange phrase

Author — fattyjaybird


That reduced me to tears! What a brave brave family. That father needs a medal. Such a calming voice when he must have been so scared himself. Seeing it on the news does not compare to seeing it from the victims perspective. Sending love from the UK to all those whose caught up in these awful fires xx

Author — Janette Arenas


0:21 what about this guy on the side of the road either running or riding a bike... WTH?! Where did he disappear to? All these cars and no one helps him?

Author — Student Chao Ren


It made me cry to hear the children thank you Lord for protecting this family.

Author — rennie rad


This is a very emotionally intense video. I think it's really amazing the way you all came together as a family to comfort each other through a very scary situation. God bless you and your family and I am thankful you all are safe.

Author — Rachel Wyatt


I never would’ve guessed that this actually wasn’t filmed at night. Speaks for how insanely big these fires are.

Author — ßaron


You can hear just how scared he was and how much he was holding it in when he see's that blue sky! They were so lucky. Such a tragic event but it makes me happy to see people get out safely!

Author — PDK O'Dude


I just sent you guys $50. I wish I was in a position to donate more at this time, but I have some major legal expenses right now, otherwise I would have. It's not much but I hope it finds you well and helps you get yourselves back on your feet. Rest in peace to those who weren't so fortunate to escape the blaze. All the best and God bless, Jack from UK.

Author — Jack Mc


It is Wednesday November 21st 2018 and it is finally raining all across Northern California. Much love and compassion for the thousands of people suffering because of this and many other horrific wildfires here and elsewhere. You matter and we care.

Author — Arthur Trauer


Omg I held my breath for the last 30 seconds of the video and then cried when I saw they made it out safely. Thank you Jesus 👣

Author — Jessica Walker


I lost it, When the boy started crying😢😢 If I could take his fear I would! Broke my heart 💔

Author — A&S taking over


The end of that broke me. I cant imagine the terror. God bless

Author — Nat jo