Ancient Anomalies Of Giza Academia Can't Explain

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Ancient Anomalies Of Giza Academia Can't Explain 4.5

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Narration By Don Moffit & Matt Prosser

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I’m thinking that the inhabitants of Earth, at that time, wanted more hours in a day, you know the old adage, there are never enough hours in a day to get everything done; so, they all got together and pushed westwards against trees, large rocks, and buildings to slow the Earth’s rotation. Not realizing the totality of their idea, when they slowed the Earth down, it created a tidal wave that inundated the Earth and washed most of their civilization away. Well, either that, or a big rock hit the ocean and created a three-mile high tidal wave… 😉😊

Author — Mark Maloney



Author — karin teves


Ask hawass where did he sell that fourth lost pyramid.

Author — macabebe ebebacam


Damn this is very thorough on all the we’ll guarded secrets of Egypt, glad to see someone’s still putting it ALL down for the masses, love the narrator too, he sounds like a voice actor on some fiction audiobooks I love 💕, ty tho, it’s a great video 😇

Author — Rue Porter


Zawass is known to have stolen and sold artifacts, and as head of the Egyptian dept of antiquities, has set back Egyptology by many years.

Author — Howard maryon-davis


It's NOT a coincidence that Zahi Hawass' name ends in the word A-S-S!

Author — Vocal Veteran


Zahi Hawass....the greatest impediment to the spread of truth and knowledge about humanity’s history. An obfuscator, glory-hound, plagerist, and hijacker of other academics hard work. He seems Allergic to any idea which goes against what he was taught as a student. A closed mind cannot grow dr Hawass

Author — Charlie Bubbles


Imagine in the future, some cataclysm sends the entire planet into a new stone age and the humans that survived the event are now hunter-gatherers living in caves. Eventually, some of them might find the torch of the Statue of Liberty being stuck out from the ground and think it was made by the Gods because they don't know who built it since they've been living in caves for several generations now. They liked it, decided to worship it and so they settled nearby. One day, one of their tribe leaders dies, and because he was a great man for the community, they decide to bury him inside the torch, in a room that they've recently discovered. From that day, subsequent leaders decided that they too want to be buried in "torches" so the tribe architects decide to build torch temples of their own but of course, they fail miserably. They're too small, and they can't build as high or as sturdy as the original Torch, but nonetheless, they continue to build new temples resembling as close as possible to the Torch, so they can bury their dead.

Skip a few thousand years and scholars of a future civilization decide to study this tribe (which, as the years went by, turned into a fully-fledged country) and, because they can't understand who built the original torch, assumed it was the tribe's ancestors that built it for funeral purposes, which the many different torches built nearby can attest. They don't even consider the fact that the original Torch was built so much different than all the other "replicas" and assume the ancestors built the 1st Torch flawlessly, but all the subsequent ones had different architects and that they kinda forgot how to make them, instead of making them even better than the original one.

This is what happens with Egipt nowadays.

Author — Vitor Oliveira


If there is no secrets in life we would be able to move on!!!

Author — The BananaBread man


our entire history is a carefully crafted lie.

Author — Matt Parker


When looking from a above the face is evidentiary.see the ear looking to the right the face is looking.

Author — Daniel Ash


This is cool maybe the governments of the world have some sort of age old knowing of aliens or some ancient thing that they think the world cannot handle this is why they wont release this knowledge to the masses. Love all this stuff n believe in it too

Author — Daniel Grosvenor


Hawass is the 'Great Sphincter' of Eygpt...

Author — Tomás Ó Treasaigh



Author — 2coryman


I love you're truth and your facts are pivotal in my thoughts before I saw your videos. You've confirmed my thoughts with your facts. I can't thank you enough. I mean that.

Author — Marie Coleman


I watched a video some years back, where a female college student was studying the Pryamids with Zahi Hawass, and she had to go relieve herself, Harass refused her request, and then the obvious happened, and he spent 15 minutes on camera berating and embarrassing this young Women. I thought he was an Ahole then, and his behavior since has only reinforced that belief. He threw a fit when Graham Hancock brought up Gobeki Tepe and the suggestion of older monoliths.

Author — Kevin Barry


I have heard one story that claims there is a space ship under the great Pyramid.
What are you guys thoughts on this ?

Author — Dennis Tafeltennis


You should have mentioned the idiot Zahi Hawass was jailed for selling Egyptian Artifacts

Author — Eric Barnes


Imagine how much money governments (bankers) would lose, if they didn’t need oil and nuclear power stations is your answer!

Edit! time you mention aliens, you discredit the rest of the video and discredit all the good work you are stop!! Everybody with half a brain knows no aliens have ever visited earth and will ever visit earth!

Author — Phil Whatever


The lid might have been a place called Pan Gea and the past to present past days. journey to Formosa and see something there that is in plain sight.

Author — Daniel Ash