Dietitian Reviews Bright Line Eating Weight Loss Program (This is INHUMANE)

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Hey everyone I’m Abbey Sharp welcome to Abbey’s Kitchen. In todays video we will be taking a look at the controversial weight loss program BRIGHT LINE EATING.


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4) Trigger warning to those with disordered eating tendencies.

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💬 Comments

As my mom (a prof) always says: a PhD doesn’t indicate intelligence, it indicates that someone was able to finish a PhD.

Author — TJM


I wish I had had someone like Abbey to listen to/watch when I was a young teenager. I hope other young girls see these videos and take something important from the information she gives!

Author — Julia


the part where she suggests to ignore your hunger is how i ended up with an ED that messed with my hunger cues, even years later. to this day, i still struggle to feel hungry. i’m either fine, or absolutely ravenous. there’s no middle ground. so yeah, don’t ignore your hunger. it doesn’t pan out in the long run

Author — Katherine A


Dear Abbey, I wanted to help set the record straight about bright line eating. I think that Susan Pierce Thompson Is in a category that is far different from the usual vloggers that you review. She has excellent credentials and she is a neuropsychologist. She has a past history of drug addiction, even prostituting herself to get the money for crack. She also ballooned up and down with her weight from the time she was a young child and tried every “diet“ that there was. She has a lot of reasons that are scientific to prove that there is an addiction to food that some people have an others do not. I can relate to what she says because I cannot in my own strength it intentionally although I would love to be able to because I am a fantastic cook. I have tried and tried but I always end up eating way too much. The parameters that her program puts on people to get down to their best weight are essential for someone like me until I can get in the headspace to eat the way you suggest. As far as tape on the mouth, she was referring to herself and not saying everybody should put tape on their mouth. She just meant it was a reminder for her not to eat an entire meal before she sat down at the table! I know it sounds silly but I have actually tried it to remind myself and also I’ve tried chewing gum. Just as a reminder and that is really all she meant. In her rebuttal to you that I listened to, she was very gracious to you yet hurt by the tone of your talk. I’m not asking you to do anything except possibly give this program some grace because there are some people that cannot intentionally eat or intuitively eat and I am one of them. Thank you so much for reading this💕

Author — Arden Detweiler


I've been reading through the comments. The problem with BLE an with Abbey Sharp is the non-recognition there is no one size fits all plan. By this video, Abbey invalidates everyone for whom the BLE program saved their lives. Susan definitely gives the impression that her program will work for everyone when it flat out won't. She does share it doesn't work for 1 in 5. Most eating plans or diets don't work for 1 in 200 so she has a leg up but still there's the entire 80 percent of people that can't do BLE. I think all dietitians and food plan guru's need to emphasize that what the research really shows is each individual is extremely different and processes each food differently. Each person needs to understand that they need to figure out what works for them.

Author — Medgie1


I did this diet for 6 months or longer. I couldn’t handle feeding myself and my family because it took up so much time and attention to detail (aka food obsession). Then I developed BED. Still healing years later but doing so much better now thankfully!

Author — Heather Sando


Whenever I read that flour is addictive, I picture someone with a straw in one nostril and their head in a bag of Five Roses all purpose flour.

Author — Nanette Morton


“Hunger is not an emergency”…I mean, when I’m hungry my husband would very much disagree with that statement 😂

Author — Kathryn Valente


I have lost 76 pounds on Bright Line Eating and can honestly say I have never eaten so much at food at my meal times. It’s obvious that some of you have never weighed and measured your food. The amount of food we eat is amazing. We aren’t hungry at all!

Not only have I lost that amount of weight. I’ve kept it off for a year. I am a professional dieter and never have I lost so much weight on a program and then kept it off!

BLE is absolutely sustainable and does not feel restrictive at all.

Also, if you decide to eat some chocolate or have a non bright day there is no one to attack you or put you down. If you reach out all you get is loving support in return.

In my experience this program is wonderful!

Author — Mindy Schroder


This called to my attention the cognitive bias I have that all post-grad educated (i.e. PhD) people know what they are talking about. Thanks for reminding me that's not always the case! Love your videos as always!!

Author — HSQ


Thank you for always citing the research behind your statements! I'm so sick of "trust me, it's science!" rhetoric.

Author — Daria Strong


So basically, an alleged PhD is saying "here's a starvation diet, but also I'm not an expert. But it works! But also none of us are experts." It's a Neverending contradiction. Whoever approved her dissertation for PhD needs to be investigated, that is if she even has one to begin with.

Author — ธนชิต


I found it interesting to learn about bright line eating through the lens of behavioral economics (BE). One of the key assertions of BE is that people are predictably irrational. For example, we have *bounded self-control*/ bounded willpower (supported extensively by research). Behavioral economists aim to circumvent the problem of bounded self-control by eliminating or reducing the # of options, which is what I think is the aim of Bright Line Eating. From that perspective reducing the number of meals a day or reducing the # of things to do (e.g., exercising) does not seem so unreasonable. That's not to say that exercise is not helpful or that eating more frequently is not beneficial metabolically. The arguments pertain to the *cognitive aspect of losing weight. So while Abbey is making a lot of interesting points, I would take a closer look at the implications of bounded self-control.

Author — M Barbara


I'm so glad you've done this. I went to a therapist at the start of the year for help with what I feel is BED (or at the very least, issues with binge eating) and she tried to push this on me so hard and claimed I was being difficult when I told her all the reasons why this eating protocol seemed moronic. It really made me feel like I was the idiot so it's nice to have validation.

Author — DayDreamingCase


I followed BLE for about a year and a half. There are some really great things about the program. Personally it taught me how to eat. How to actually listen to my body. And it provided a lot of support doing internal work. What made me stop doing BLE is actually finding this channel and a few others. I didn't even realize how restricted my mentality became. I'm now more intuitive/mindful. I'm infinitely more happy and free, I've always hated that tag line!
BTW, the actual 5th line is no purging. There a special group for people with ed's that is led by a therapist. That group was what kept in the program as long as I stayed.
I do personally know people that this program has really helped. But it's not a lifestyle that most people could or should maintain. I wish this video was out long ago but glad it's here now.

Author — Caramia Hunter-Hope


My mom has been using this diet. I side eyed that flour BS so hard when she explained it to me.

Author — Ashley Loertscher


Omg I’ve been waiting for this one. I did Bright Line Eating in 2016, and I lost the 20 lb I wanted to before wedding dress shopping. I honestly thought this is what I needed to do for myself to lose weight. Then when I stopped it, you know, because of life, I gained it all back and then some and couldn’t fit in the dress I bought. It was so frustrating and expensive. I’m so happy I’m in a better place now through this channel and ObesetoBeast. I wish I would have known then what I know now, but that’s life. We just move forward 💜.

Author — Laura


I have a PhD from the same program and she is the greatest shame of our department!!!! The GALL she has to use her PhD to manipulate people infuriates me. I could *sort of* get it if her research was on decision-making related to food, but nope. No one in that department has a research program even REMOTELY related to nutrition. She was once invited to give a talk in the department and we all walked out like wtf did we just listen to lol

Edit: And just to add, none of the pillars of this program are supported by cognitive science research!!! Okay rant over...

Author — Wednesday Greenleaf


when I was still struggling with my ED, I was running cross country and tried this diet. I was really convinced that this was "healthy" and I was "getting better." yeah... I passed out at cross country practice over 10 times. definitely don't do this with intense exercise.

Author — A. O'Connell


I find your videos SO therapeutic to watch, always feel so calm afterwards😇

Author — Fluently Fletch.