A New York Covid-19 Survivor Says 'We Weren't Really Prepared' for Virus Outbreak

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A New York Covid-19 Survivor Says 'We Weren't Really Prepared' for Virus Outbreak 4.5
"It was abundantly clear that we weren't really prepared for this."

Carl, a survivor of Covid-19, describes his experience trying to get tested for the virus while in New York City.


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So this guy infected mad ppl trying to get a test

Author — Teck Rylee


I like how his face is blurred out. Like he's a former gang member in witness protection

Author — Bryan Gleason


Damn when you
Get the coronavirus it makes you want to go as many places as possible

Author — Whuts Uhp


I wonder how many people he infected before he found out he was positive for Covid-19?

Author — Judith Osorio


The government premeditated the virus, don't be fooled on what's going on, think outside the box

Author — Ira Dorsey


OMG, it's disfigured his entire face! This disease is even worse than I imagined!

Author — Rockinghorse Winner


The disease severely damaged his resolution, and reduced his pixel capacity to 24P

Author — Tensa Zangetsu


He also recovered in about a week with no treatment. Where’s that in the news?

Author — Jeff Stanch


Side effects of coronavirus is a pixeled face

Author — Hansen Says Take A Seat


killed everyone else while seeking a test

Author — lucy boot


How many think they may have already had it?

Author — The End Begins


Where do you want to go today?
Coronavirus person: yes

Author — Goblinkiller


So he's travelled to different hospitals, and probably infected others!

Author — Ruth Collins


CDC should be blamed for this disaster as it didn't authorize the fast track testing and the private lab to do the testing. Thus so many infected people who have mild or even no syndrome have not asked to isolate from others and let the virus spread so fast in America. Those stupid guys in CDC still had no ideas how horrible this virus is even after the Wuhan city was lock-downed on Jan 25 !!

Author — gracewong9999


He went all around New York spreading it to everyone he came in contact with 😳

Author — xxconaxx360


So hes OK? Hes immune system beat it. Without treatment. My point exactly.

Author — Акуна Матата


Wow, I didn't know they have Japanese porn on Bloomberg

Author — James Latief


does nobody else notice it’s voiced over at 1:25?

Author — Malia Balboa


Didn’t bill gates tell us to be prepared for the next outbreak four years ago, I swear he did a ted talk about it.

Author — The Doge Genration


Hmmm... I’ve seen this “special effect” before on Japanese Adult Videos (JAV)...

Author — DVS ONE