Numb Linkin Park (Piano Shopping Mall)

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

Pianista: Glaucio Cristelo | Pianist: Glaucio Cristelo

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I'm 67, my daughter plays piano, went to Japan to teach English, piano at home sitting, sad. I decided to learn music and play the piano. Been watching and lessening to your music over the last few months. The way you play with passion does inspire me to keep learning. One day when I'm 80 I'll play Linkin Park Numb just like that.

Author — Xullarbor


Chills! There's no way you didn't hear Chester singing it while listing this great cover!

Author — Bruce Sa


Nice tribute. RIP Chester Bennington. So sad that he’s gone.

Author — Kenjie Kenjie


Dude playin piano like he’s on the guitar. Definitely love the passion 👍🔥 Very different from other pianists.

Author — Q N


Finalmente temos um músico pianista aqui no Brasil tocando em público como na gringa pelo Youtube!

Author — Mikey


This is the best piano cover I’ve heard of this song. Well done 👏

Author — James F


Linkin Park is one of those bands I grew up with, and don't listen to often anymore but damn, moments like these make me feel incredible inside. The power of music... Thank you

Author — Benji Crane


After going through something where you experience this the song has a whole different meaning. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it now. Well done :)

Author — Joe Bob


This made me tear up, really. What a performance, buddy.

Author — Ishaan Kumar


WOW, that sent chills down my spine several times whilst watching and listening to this one, Excellent stuff ;-)

Author — Plug4uk


This brought tears to my eyes so incredibly well played. Talented man! Subbed for sure!

Author — Nate, Quantum Divergence


In my mind I was dancing and enjoying the cover just like that kid.

Author — Bishwarup Neogy


This guy's awesome! Can't stop watching his performances.

Author — A Cherokee


I hope Chester is looking down from heaven at this guy and smiling ear to ear. Wonderful.

Author — LSEM Aldokhar


That is one beautiful sounding piano. Powerful lows and sweet, sweet highs. Well suited to such a masterful performance.

Author — David Ryan


We definitely need more pianos in shopping malls!

Author — Jeff Bienstock


Wow!!! Insane!!! Such talent!! Don’t ever stop playing

Author — Tammy F


This guy rocks!!!! Beautiful renditions!!!
Love the aggressive style!!!
Keep on pounding those keys brother!!!

Author — Steve Fitton


I know people can tell how hard it is to play this precise and wonderful, but few have an idea how 2:35 hard this section is with the "delay" half beats and such...PERFECTLY executed. Top notch!

Author — Martian Dan


I can hear every word of this song as he plays. Beautiful 😍

Author — Clinton Morgan