Weekend Update: The Devil on the Catholic Church Child Molestation Scandal - SNL

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Weekend Update: The Devil on the Catholic Church Child Molestation Scandal - SNL 5

The Devil (Jason Sudeikis) joins Seth Myers to denounce the Catholic Church for covering up the reports of child molestation, admit that he had nothing to do with it and talk about the priests' special place in hell. [Season 35, 2010]


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I never realized just how politically charged these devil skits were. When ever he shows up it’s to show his offense at some horrible act (usually abuse) and it’s pretty much just SNL saying “yeah rapist? Abusers? Molesters? They’re worse than the actual devil, no if and or buts about it” and that can hit hard when their intended audience is religious. You can always tell when SNL’s accuracy hits home because the audience is always surprising quiet

Author — Dairyboi


"Did you hear who was molested? THOUSANDS OF KIDS!" Only Sudeikis could deliver that sentence in a funny way.

Author — JustinCredible


That pause after "Protect the children, not the priests" deserved an amen🙌🙏. The audience's mind set

Author — Purple Dove


Honestly, find me one time Sudeikis wasn't great on this show. He's really a great actor!

Author — Hannah Taylor


this is hilarious every line is gold why is the audience so quiet!!!

Author — xoxo


the devil is still more wholesome in 2019

Author — zizinnnn


This was the most serious 'joke' ever.

Author — Budji Tresvalles


Jason Sudeikis is so hot dressed as the Devil, holy sht

Author — Jesse Bond


"Who's your son?" "The TMZ guy".

Author — Fiona Chen


"Even demons and gargoyles need to know who they live with."

Wait, I thought gargoyles were designed to scare demons away.

Author — Sailor Darty



Author — Alex Kilmister


I can't actually begin to explain how much I'm in love with Jason!!

Author — Chicken Permission


Jason in this outfit makes me really really thirsty.

Author — Max Kang


the devil needs to come back to snl, and react to Trump xD

Author — Aashna Chowdhury


For one moment I am on the devil's side.

Author — Lost


i stan the devil, he is such a wholesome guy✊

Author — mikey way's unicorn


Bring Seth Meyers back! The new guy just isn't...the same.

Author — Pickeledcoconut


Why this doesn't have millions of views?

Author — lovelywaz


Well, it's an overwhelming subject to make fun of so when I was watching it, I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure the audience felt the same because their laughter seemed hesitant to me. But it was funny though and the fact they broached subjects like this in the show makes me miss Jason and Seth more :< I don't know what to think about the new SNL cast, I miss Seth, Jason, Kristen, Fred and Bill so much, they've been comedic legends since their first appearances on the show <3

Author — Twój Stary


this is hilarious but so on the nose. So I'm from ireland and the school I go to used to be a boys boarding school run by priests. you can fill in the blanks yourself. what's disturbing is that there are still these old shower rooms up a back stairs by the office that everyone refuses to go near. Not just that, only two priests were convicted, (one's still in jail and the other's dead) the rest still live in a nursing home on the school grounds that is easily accessible by walking down a short path. I have to walk past those houses to get into school every morning. btw I am a Catholic and I found this funny.

Author — Laura Holland