Commentary Crusade - Pokimane

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Commentary Crusade - Pokimane 5

Optimus - Foreword 0:00
John Swan - Official Commentary Crusade Intro 2:57
Optimus/Keemstar - What Would You Rank Pokimane? 3:47
Optimus - Fighting Fire With Fire 4:02
John Swan - The History of Pokimane 9:24
Bowblax - Fair Use Fiasco 11:50
Cyrus - LMAO 13:52
Kavos - Reality Check 15:45
Scrubby - Definition of a Hypocrite 18:19
Dyfo - Expert’s Opinion 21:22
Wimmy - Poki Squad! 24:25
Allucid - Duality of (Wo)man 26:14
Turkey Tom - LeafyIsHere Jr. 28:27
Bill Baines - Commentary Freelancer 31:01
Tommy C - Something Bigger 32:51
AugieRFC - Civil War 35:47
RaggedyDan - You Shouldn’t Care! 38:47
Bumpkin - Do Better 42:25
Rythril - A Very Problematic Issue 44:46
Dacept - Generic Reactions 48:22
Kyya - A Quick Look 51:45
SomeOrdinaryGamers - YouTube v. Twitch 54:17
OGLofi - On Their Own Planet 56:37
Keid - A Very Special Person 59:34
Diesel Patches - Very Thin Skin 01:01:02
Pegasus - Playing Right Into The Hand 01:02:26
Aiden - Contradictory 01:03:58
Nicholas DeOrio - A Variety of Bad Takes 01:05:54
Pancho - Tier 3 Sub (Outro Song) 01:07:41

Outro Song: "Lower Brinstar" by Adepto the Wonder (that's me!)

Outro artwork: Dragon Ball Z/Super
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💬 Comments on the video

Ha, she studied chemical engineering, explains why she is good at being toxic

Author — bed time


"It's my turn to pick the movie."

Author — Vladimir Putin


Everyone: Good points
Diesel: she has thick skin

Author — Jason Bulmer


Everyone that gives money to pokimaine doesn’t realize that that money is going to her boyfriends condoms (edit: HOLY THANKS FOR THE LIKES)

Author — Wolves Hyper_


Pokimane's theme song according to Cyrus is a parody of Hoes Mad.

Nose Mad.

Author — Thunder Blood


"She is deceiving and manipulative"
basically she is a decepticon??? That's why Optimus had to make a video on her 😂
(Please tell me someone got the joke)

Author — DARK ALEX


everyone: solid arguments
cyrus: LoOk At hEr nOsE!!!!

Author — Ferre P


She doesn't belong on twitch, more like chaturbate.

Author — Press Start


I like how they call out Keem for being desperate for attention, but then end up giving him exactly that. Thats a real big brain maneuver right there.

Author — JonX Fc


She got mad at someone using a clip of her while her herself reacts to everything and uses other people's content all the time.

Author — just whatever I feel like doing


"why is it so bad for her to have a boyfriend" - it's not but the fact that allegations of a boyfriend are tanking her sub count just further proves leafy's point. whether she wants to admit it or not, she's an egirl.

Author — Chairsbane


Keem came out to pokimaine with the line “words can’t describe how beautiful u r but numbers can 2/10”

Author — Soup Studios


Imagine being upset when an e girl gets called a 2 out of 10, wow.

Author — ProtoMario


Avengers Endgame: I’m the most ambitious crossover ever!

This video:

Haha Pokimane nose go brrrr

Author — Mr Everything 70


For rocket league you can save a lot of boost and get to the ball quicker using the wall especially useful during defending you need to protect your backboard it’s easy to clear from there and it opens the attackers with lots of chances for goals your mechanics are good for the most part but i saw several times where you run out of boost to quick going up for ariels to fix that you can use the double jump boost method gets you up the quickest and make sure your constantly getting pads and using boost as conservatively as you can having boost advantage is huge if you can hold on to more boost that your opponents your going to win the ball more often than not also playing some 1st I know it sucks when you lose but it will help you out tons in 2’s and 3’s being able to control the ball and comfortable and not panicking throwing away the ball to the opponent is something you need to succeed at higher levels also don’t panic when you see the ball in front of your net take a quick look to see if you’ve got time and if you do control the ball and set up an attack hopefully this helps you out :)

Author — Jackson Blake


So, where does Pokimane live? I am going to “Ora” Pokimane all the way to kars

Author — Koffy


I don't even get why people want to get the attention of a girl who will never care about you so much. Like just go on tinder if you want a girlfriend. Don't spend your life savings on a fricking goldminer

Author — Lochlan Wilson


The avengers looks like a kid’s birthday party compared to this

Author — Mohamed Abdi


*"A Foolish Man Talks, But A Wise Man Speaks. There's A Difference Between Words Of Greatness And Words Of Idiocy"*

Author — Kazzy


Me: Makes a fake joke about Pokimane


Author — Minhothekiller121