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Maulana Ali Qadri Threatens ABP News, Later Apologises | ABP News 4

After threatening the anchors and reporters of ABP News, Maulana Ali Qadri has now apologised to them. In a live interaction with senior anchors of ABP News, Maulana apologised for his comments. This happened after ABP News challenged Maulana Qadri with a legal battle over his comments if he doesn't retract his statements. However, Maulana continued to argue that media is portraying Muslims in a negative light and tried to paint the media coverage of Nizamuddin Markaz event in communal colours.
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How divided are Hindus even after seeing they can't event like remember United we rise Divided we fall

Author — Please help me reach 10 subscribers without a video


आप लोग केस क्यों नही करते इन लोग पे अगर नही करोगे तो ये आगे और ज्यादा ड्रामा करेंगे

Author — Anuj Sharma


ये सीधा नहीं मानते इनको निहुरा के समझाओ, , ,

Author — Deepak kumar Mahato


Molana sahab ghad mRba lega lekin mafi nhi magega m.c

Author — Kamal Mishra


हरामी ओलाद जुठ बोलता है मादरचोर ओलाद को सजा सुनाई जाय गदार पाकिस्तान ओलाद

Author — Nanji નાનજી મારાજ ભડવેલ જે બોલો તે સાચુ Maraj6251125796


शोभनाजी रूबिकाजी अवस्थी सर हम सब भारतीय है दिखा दिया आपने👍👍👍

Author — Ashok Suravase


इस पर पहले केश किजिए सुमित अवस्थी जी इनको अपनी औकात पता चले

Author — Vijay Saw


Media Should Respect Each And Everyone

Author — Rudrashetty R Giridharrao


It's time to take strict action against them.

Author — KP Art Corner


Ham Hidu mulim sehek Esahe Bhai Bhai
Jai Hind Jai Baharat

Author — sudakar nik


रुबिका लियाकत जी आपने बता दिया कि आप एक सच्ची देशभक्त हैं आज आप देश को झूठ से सच की ओर ले जा रही हैं ।

Author — Mohit Murari


What the hell this program is, this just wasted my time..

Author — Nizar Hussain


jab aap sabko ghar me rahne ke liye bol hi rhe the to Kyo jamat kiya gya

Author — Biuty Kumari


अमेरिका के लोगों को वापस ले जाने के लिये हवाई जहाज तयार है मगर वे लोग भारत मे रहना सुरक्षीत महसुस कर रह हैं.वापस जाने की असहमति जता चुके है.यही है "मेरा भरत महान".

Author — Nana Naik


sad the previous successive congress regime has led the country to such a pathetic situation

Author — Radhakrishnan K.S.


Rubika liyaqat ki anchor pehle bhi dekha hu zeenews par, best anchor he👌👌👌

Author — Bindeswar kurmi


Rubika jubhi karri bas thik karri allah mafi de

Author — dtm Akhlaq Rana


I wonder why now a days reporters pitch is so high. I agree they have all rights of reporting. But their voice should be soothing to hear.

Author — bangaru yasoda


I support every religiovery good abp news keep it up

Author — Deb Sou


Hindustan ke Sarkar per Garv hai but lockdown lagakar Achcha Kiya Hai but Jo log fancy hai please unke Liye Kuchh Na Kuchh vyavastha please ki Jaaye request hai Meri

Author — Abhimnew Abhi Gupta