Our Custom Video Production Van Tour

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Our Custom Video Production Van Tour 5

We've built what we think to be one of the best video production vans in the world. It's a 2015 Ford Transit and is equipped with modular shelves, a power system with soloar and inverter, seating for 4, drone antennas and tons more. This is a walkaround tour of the ultimate van built for filming.

Feature list:
200W Solar
2000W Inverter
Custom battery powered data cart w/ PC and monitor
270 degree awning
Passenger seats
Modular shelving
LED lighting
Insulated with custom floors and ceiling
Slider shelves
Folding table
Frontrunner table
Drone antennas
Digital radio
Alternator charging
Inovativ Cart compatible horseshoe
Dometic refrigerator
Swivel seats
Sony headunit

And more!

💬 Comments

As someone looking to build a camera van right now, I geeked out so hard to this video!

Author — Barrett Media Co.


Forget video production...you guys need to do custom van conversions or both!

Author — Dean Dillard


This is insane. I just acquired a cargo van for production and am excited to kit it out. Great vid.

Author — Robert Machado


This has to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Author — Victor Fink


Wow, I love this! Definitely business goals!

Author — TheTechnoPilot


I absolutely LOVE this video and the others you have done. Thanks for the insights! Though I'm only kitting out a truck (baby steps), I'm taking notes for the future :) Much appreciated!

Author — Buddy FX


"the Banger Bus" is the reason I bought a van too. It changed the way I work on productions large or small. Thanks Matt and Bob for the inspiration and great example.

Author — Will Roegge


Vans are the way to go! Been working out of mine for a year now. Love it! Great buildup guys. I may need to steal some ideas!

Author — Jose B Torres Medina


Whoa. Well done. You thought this through and executed!

Author — Benjamin Rowland


OMG I am in love. Like everyone else, I just totally geeked out. My only surprise is that this video hasn't gone totally viral.

Author — Red Flyer Media


Not gonna lie, I’m jealous, and I don’t even shoot video- that van is just that awesome! The countless little things that make your lives easier and making sure the mounts are interchangeable, just wow, that is some great planning and building! Next business venture: building custom work vans.

Author — Pete Schultz


Real man tears happening rn. Im leaving on a film stock tour in 6 days, i am still trying to solve the internet issue. But seeing this video was crazy helpful. Im taking what we have left to do this trip, this was exactly what i needed to be a little more prepared. You guys are so awesome and i literally never comment. #justfilmit

Author — CDC Global


This is so cool. You are living one of my dreams. Congrats!

Author — Gravity Media Productions


Friggin' awesome. You win. I love the DIT cart.

Author — James Mathews


Heck YES! Looking at going mobile for our studio vs renting space. So many advantages.

Author — San Diego Video Pros


Nice! A lot of thought and planning went into this build clearly. All followed by great execution. Great job and thanks for sharing!

Author — Reginald Worthington


Amazing job, very inspiring! I am working on a similar project customizing a Ford Transit. Do you mind providing more information on your choice of inverter and the power configuration?
We do primarily streaming events and want to generate our own power but Im a bit concerned about the switcher and some of the other sensitive gear we use.

Author — Live From Center Stage Concerts


Come a long way from rallying a janky turbo integra, nice!

Author — gorillazfan1023


Amazing work guys. The vans great too!

Author — Thomas Johnstone


I had just decided that a customized van was called for and started searching Google. Yours was the second video I watched and I am pretty sure I am done. What an amazing tour de force..

Author — Neil Myers