Internal Void - Peace Song

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Someone uploaded a few songs by Internal Void, but forgot this nice instrumental (and the rest of the album). From their first album, Standing on the Sun.

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@SD5k Which riff? And what Metallica song do you think it is from?

Not that Metallica can be entirely absolved from blame when it comes to stealing riffs from others, mind you.

Author — Bulhakas


So funny to see someone posting about Metallica wanting a riff back from Internal Void... 'cause yeah, that's their biggest influence right there. What a douche!

Author — wickedloudone


So many great doom instrumentals that could be infinitely better if Bobby Liebling wrote lyrics and sang. The man is an indisputable bad ass.

Author — Vanir Traditionalist


Metallica called.. they want their riff back!

Author — SD5k