Man travels to Dorian-hit Bahamas islands to rescue friend

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Man travels to Dorian-hit Bahamas islands to rescue friend 4.5
Toby Smith took a helicopter to the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas to rescue a friend injured in Hurricane Dorian. He joined us from Nassau and says 90 to 100 per cent of the buildings in the northern part of the islands are demolished.

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I’m looking at all those yachts you need to recycle all those boats have generators, the sail boats have sails that can be used for recycling right now is the way to go to survive.

God bless you all.

Author — Joe Trump


That’s nottt a friend!! That’s a brother 😭

Author — zully denise


*EVERY* country should be sending aid.

Author — Ronbo710


Most people don’t realize this, but even concrete and brick homes don’t stand a chance against a cat 4 or 5. When I was in the second grade I rode out a cat 4 with my family at my grandmas concrete house. There were tornadoes everywhere I saw other concrete and brick homes all around us get ripped apart like paper. The pressure inside my grandmas house was so intense we thought the roof would just fly off, but we were lucky. That storm only lasted three hours, I can’t even imagine going through 24 hours of that. My heart goes out to everyone in the Bahamas.

Author — Thorne Smith


Thank you US coast guard. The true heros. They don't get nearly enough credit. And thank you to all the rescuers

Author — Jennifer Coleman


Bahamian strong! We will rebuild her and she will be even more beautiful the she was. Please everyone pray for my brothers and sisters back in my home land. Thank you in advance.

Author — Zeropower2021


(7:25) "People have to look after their mental health." I'm so glad he said that. I've been watching all the footage and thinking, this is an entire population that has not only lost everything, but their minds are scarred. They didn't live through a brief traumatic situation (which is bad enough), they survived days of trauma and they will continue to be traumatized by what they see, hear, smell, feel and remember for weeks and months to come. These are hidden wounds truly need "looking after." Long after the cleanup and rebuilding is over, the trauma will still need tending. Let's keep their mental health in mind along with their physical and monetary needs.

We're praying for you all!

Author — Naomi Martinez Bickel


Wow that’s true love, that you would risk your own life for a friend.

Author — Murrell Music And Media


if they care about the people why dont they send some of these huge cruise ships there to house the people???

Author — the therorist


Going to take years to rebuild. That's what friends are for man. World would be boring without friends.

Author — Dennis Coe


This is absolutely devastating and emotional😥🙏🏾

Author — Toshia Dillard


Romans 10:13
“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” 
He > I Heard Your Voice

Author — Recon Fi


note to self find friend with a helicopter!

Author — Sheldon Goobie


*"Imagine driving 180 miles an hour with your head out the window."*

Author — Jungle Jargon


God bless this man and others for helping out😍

Author — Caridad Badillo


"Twenty People"?! You know darn well thousands of people were murdered by these Weather Modifiers! "Tell The Truth, I Dare You"!

Author — Dorothy Cassity


Saying "23" dead is an outrageous lie!!! You know It's in the thousands!!! Tell the "Truth" for once, I dare you!!!

Author — Suzie Clark


You are a true example of Humanity💜 God Bless You and prayer's all souls are able to be rescued🌸☝

Author — Peace2All


You are absolutely amazing glad you did that hope your friend is ok

Author — Mandy Child


Yes this gentleman is great. God Bless all who are doing all they can to help these people.🙏👍

Author — Shirley McBride