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This is rental car number 114 and today I'm driving the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe SE with HTRAC AWD.

There's more details below, but I just wanted to quickly say ~thank you~ for watching my video. Please comment below and share your thoughts. Or just take a second and say 'Hey'. I'd love to hear from you. Cheers!



Year: 2019
Make: Hyundai
Model: Santa Fe
Trim: SE
Extras: Hyundai's HTRAC All Wheel Drive (AWD) System

MSRP: $28,245
Color: Quartz White

Brand new look for the Santa Fe. This is the first year of the 4th generation of this 5 passenger mid-sized crossover.

Engine: 2.4L Inline 4-cylinder

Transmission: 8 speed automatic with Variable Valve Timing (a CVVT). You also get Hyundai's SHIFTRONIC technology.

Horsepower: 185 @ 6,000 rpms

MPG City: 21
MPG Highway: 27
MPG Combined: 23

Fuel Tank Capacity: 18.8 gallons
Cost for a full tank: $1.99 gallon x 18.8 = $37.41

+ No drive mode selection. Mine was always kept on "comfort". I actually looked for a long time to try and find a button or twice to change the drive mode, but there isn't one on this trim level.

+The Utlimate 2.0T trim level can go 0 to 60 in 7.5 seconds. That trim level has 234 hp and a turbo charged engine. The SE model is much slower.

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Hello! Sorry about the lighting in this one. It got dark so quickly while I was filming this. I debated about not posting this video, but in the end I thought it would be better to share and apologize rather than scrap the entire video. Especially since I never know when I'll get another Santa Fe. Thanks for your understanding. I promise, I did a MUCH better job with the visuals in the next video. Cheers!

Author — 100 Rental Cars


Just bought a brand new 2019 the other day and I absolutely love it!!

Author — Angie B


My bf just traded our Chevy cruise for one just now!!! I'm at home with the kids waiting for him to come back. Couldn't wait to see!

Author — shelbi pearson


GREAT VIDEO!!! I prefer the old style, but the redesign looks nice!

Author — Dale Gribble


Great review as usual. I liked the old star rating you did in previous reviews. Keep up the great work! Thanks

Author — Amtrak 2523


When you called it the sonata, I had to check and make sure I was watching the right video.

Author — Joal Blo


Looks like a great Japanese alternative, I'd rather have more power and of course a rear lift gate glass that opens, like the Toyota Highlander offers. Great review non the less 👍

Author — Mojo Risin


Hey welcome back good to see your doing good and nice video! I do hope some day you can do a review of a Tesla model 3 if you get the chance too😁

Author — Jeremy Shearer


Does Santa Fe's Htrac have torque vectoring like Super Handling AWD from Acura?

Author — Rath K


Can you charge your phone with both of the usb ports or only just the one?

Author — Jake S


Can you do a video on the 2019 Nissan Kicks if you could get one? Thanks.

Author — Mark Velasco


hello! I just got my santa fe 2019 essential AWD.. am from Canada by the way. so am just kind of confuse why my santa fe does not have a blind spot monitor?? any idea??

Author — Louis Violan


Loaded with features even in the base trim. Probably the best value for money suv you can buy in 2019.

Author — CRV


Where is the spare wheel? And is it full size. I get the impression that most people who do these types if reviews are generally solely city drivers, as they rarely deal with spare wheel. A vital feature for those who tow, or drive off sealed roads.

Author — Rob Denaro


Wait this is really a base SE trim??? No frickin way. The base trim really has android auto/carplay, blind spot monitoring, AND adaptive(radar) cruise control right off the bat??? Wow. That's insane! You can confirm all of this and that it's the base SE trim right? Thank you!

Author — Kim Jong-Un


I love how much larger they look. Hopefully the cloth seats are more comfortable than the 2013-18 version. Pretty cool how it gives you the full suite of advanced safety features in the base model, all for under $30k.

Author — Vincent D


I really like the design of this new car.

Author — Je Suis Un Ananas


My aunt has this EXACT car same color and everything

Author — dailycrackhead


My 2007 Hyundai Veracruz engine look way cleaner than this 2019 wth .

Author — thehegt Tr



Author — billy fatbowe