The £250,000 Mercedes S-Class! [S65 Final Edition]

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I visit Amari Supercars to check out an incredibly rare and expensive Mercedes-Benz... the S65 Final Edition. This might be the last time we see a V12 engine in an S-Class so Mercedes have given it an almighty send off with this limited edition car.

To see more of Amari's stock, check their website:

The limited-edition special S 65 Final Edition model from Mercedes-AMG (combined fuel consumption 14.2 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions 325 g/km) marks the pinnacle of the 6.0-litre V12 biturbo engine's long success story on board the S-Class Saloon. The special edition, comprising only 130 vehicles worldwide, is aimed at collectors of exclusive vehicles and fans of superlative twelve-cylinder engines. With its stylish looks and a comprehensive scope of standard equipment, this saloon embodies a unique combination of performance and prestige value.

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God that sounds incredible! Great video mate :-)

Author — Joe Achilles


Holy mother of Pagani god that sounds like a good old lion

Author — Blade Nahrdone


Sam : says anything and rocks back and forth 😂

Author — Luke Nussey


Is it just me or has Sam started ‘popping and locking’ when standing on camera talking about stuff....🤣

Author — Wheels and watches


The regular S-Class is amazing but this is on another level.

Author — SandyPatrol


8:27 It's actually 1, 000 nm of torque. The 700+ figure you're quoting is in lb-ft.

Author — urgetodrive


The fact that this generation is the best looking s class ever this one has the legendary V12 which will never be produced again! The 2021 s class is hideous and not even comparable to its predecessor. In the end if you buy this S65 it’s really a win-win situation having the best model and a rare one. WOW

Author — Abdulaziz


Long live the V12! sadly it's days might be numbered ☹️

Author — 10Tenths


Anyone noticed how Sam does these little tiny happy steps when he's doing wide shots?

Author — Sabroe


Anybody else notice the little *left to right* shuffle he does when talking? Now I can’t unsee it 😂 mega vid as per 👏🏼

Author — Jared Edwards


7:58 don’t all S-Class saloons come with the hood ornament? Also I think all the chrome should have been that bronze/copper colour

Author — TheHarfOfJarr


Sam gets me every time he wiggles from left to right foot

Author — Martin Wgnr


10 minutes is not long enough to review this car!😭

Author — callumf49


Who else went back and watched the M3 CSL video?

Author — A Stick & 3 Pedals


Came here to see Sam wiggle side to side.. Joyous 😂 keep up the great videos!

Author — Milan Khusal


I don't know how I'd react if I saw that beast on the road 😂😂
Also that 328 is STUNNING

Author — Greg S


Love U Sam ❤️ Hope you get to 500k subs soon !!!

Author — Sveinung Tengesdal


V12 for the next S-Class Generation has already been confirmed. However, this will probably be the last time that we will be seeing a V12 in an AMG S-Class.

Author — 75KoDe


8:30 seeing Sam being so passionate about what he’s saying, in the window, love it

Author — Toby Gassor


I really like that you have addressed the infamous m3 csl video. Very well done. Class act.

Author — Błażej Wianecki