3 Wildly Insane Dogman Encounters [Pictures] Ep. 25

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I tell true horror stories about dogman, werewolves, and other scary monsters. If you enjoy hearing Michigan Dogman stories, dogman encounters and werewolf stories then you have come the right place. Please consider subscribing and let us know in the comments which stories you'd like to hear!

Dogmen are the stuff of nightmares that lurks in the bushes and skulks behind trees. Their monstrous, wolf-like appearance makes them one of the more feared cryptids to date.

This is a creature commonly described as looking like a man but with the characteristics of a dog (ears, tail, fur, etc.). They are often said to be about the same size and shape as a normal man. The Dogmen usually stands 7 to 8 feet tall and is covered with thick, brown hair all over its body except for its face.

The first notable report was in Michigan during 1887 when two men were out hunting and shot at what they thought was an animal up in a tree. When they approached the creature, it got up on two legs and started to walk away.

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I'm in central West Virginia l, I want to share a encounter with giant fox men. Or a evolved prehistoric fox. This took place along west fork river while night Catfishing. I'm 50 yrs old. It happened last fall. I have not shared with 1 person about it till now. Mostly the anxiety of even recalling it and the assumed reactions of others has kept my tongue silent. I will ask though and will share with you if you like. I'm sure they not dogman, or werewolf, they not fit the image of these creatures. It was a pack of them that came across my camp on river Bank. I do think they could have killed me but they did no harm. I know if I would acted aggressive I would killed 1 or 2 but they would got me. A lot took place in just 1-2 minutes. Felt like a hour though. Ok let me know if interested.if so I put it all in a email. From my encounter I have searched without finding anything like what I seen, nor hear of anything close to what took place. So maybe you won't be interested for its not typical dogman encounter

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Southeast Texas here…..we mostly have long hot summers. We never really buy real winter coats. Last winter’s freeze really took us by surprise.
But the last couple of days have been perfect fall day!

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Love it sir... More please.. Michigan.

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Greetings from Colorado, we have four seasons here, we are in fall now. Beautiful.

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I'm from southern West Virginia and fall is in full swing here. It's also my favorite time of year, but unfortunately doesn't last long enough. Great job btw...I always look forward to your videos and you do a phenomenal job every time. Keep up the great work!

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love your content. i live in the northern part of Australia and right now we are having 89°F days

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The event with Jerrod was video audio recorded. Those creatures had been held captive and starved. The powers to be are sadistic cowards that no planet should tolerate. Those soldiers were sent to their deaths and my stomach is turned not only by the way they died, but, that they were misused by those "powers to be". God bless their souls and their families, and that is sincere.

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I'm in New Zealand, I love autumn and spring, but autumn most of all. and were in spring now



The fall near Boise is usually long and mild. It's been lovely here so far this season. Such a welcome relief after the endless dry heat we had this summer.

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Northern California near the gold country here, and it’s still warm yuck! We have dogman in the Sierras a couple of hours from where I live at least that’s what the stories I’ve heard. Love your channel

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These are fantastic and gripping encounters. Some of the best I have heard. 🇦🇺🤘🏻👽🤘🏻🇦🇺

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Ugh Orlando FL, and we have two seasons. Hot, and fuckin hot! If we’re lucky we get a few chilly days a year.

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Mountains of Western NC here, love your channel and appreciate your time and efforts!!

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Maine, we have 4 seasons, today was such an amazing, 70 degree, blue sky Fall day!

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Stories are awesomely read Lincoln, fantastic job. Thank you and keep them coming.

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Enjoying these encounters from Worcestershire, England. It's evil that these soldiers were obviously sent to their deaths by government bodies with full knowledge of what they would find.

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I always look forward to your uploads down here in North Carolina 😎

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Listening in from Stoke on Trent. Staffordshire. UK. Loving the dogman stories bro👊👍

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Listen from Michigan, and I truly enjoy your channel Lincoln. Autumn has already started here, cold nights and warm days. Now that last story is very interesting 🤔 big wigs show up and wanting them to change their story? Hmmm... It seems that there is more to these dogmen sightings. Because the fact is no one knows where they come from, and they're in different breeds like dogs? This is getting deep. Thanks for the upload my friend, and you and yours have a blessed evening 💜❤️✨🤗🥰💯🔥

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