'The Funniest Phrase I've Ever Heard' - Jimmy Carr | Best of Johnny Vegas | 8 Out of 10 Cats

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'The Funniest Phrase I've Ever Heard' - Jimmy Carr | Best of Johnny Vegas | 8 Out of 10 Cats 5

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I can't understand everything that this guy is saying but he's still hilarious for some reason

Author — Moizzuddin Rizwan


We've had a 'Miles Jupp losing it' compilation, surely it's time for a 'Sean Lock losing it' compilation?

Author — Steven Davison


Johnny Vegas and Joe Wilkinson are the only two comedians i have seen who have made Sean Lock hold his sides and laugh.
Maybe Henning Wehn too.

Author — Rocket Raccoon


"There are certain vowels that I miss out"

"You miss out whole words."

"Yeah, like 'Sorry, Jimmy' when I run over you later".

Author — Andy Hayden


Jon: The prettier you are, the more you're gonna disappoint someone at some point.
Joey Essex: 😞

Author — Kaian凯安


Johnny cracking Sean up is the best thing ever

Author — TWalsh


This is how a video should be. Clicking for the title then being treated to 10 minutes of hilarity until the pay-off at the end.
10/10. Would click again.

Author — s10dlka


I love Johnny Vegas, naturally hilarious, no routine or planning, just speaks his mind and experiences and doesn't give a f***k. One of the best.

Author — Iain Joseph Cole


2:29 really struck a chord with Joey Essex. You could see it in his eyes. Kudos for taking it on the chin though. Stellar work from the cameraman.

Author — R Bokhoree


When comedians laugh you know it’s funny

When Sean lock laughs

It’s the funniest

Author — Ryan M.


No one can make comedians laugh like Johnny Vegas

Author — ThatFatGuy


It's not your accent Johnny, it's the bollocks you talk.... I lost it completely at that point - hilarious.

Author — Gazza Clarkson


“I miss me family. I don’t, they throw things” 😂😂😂 so random but it makes me crease everytime 6:15

Author — J B


There may be repeated parts but i dont care because Jonny Vegas is bloody hilarious!!!! Would love more!

Author — Kai


Once you get past the barrier of the accent he really is one of the most versatile comedians out there

Author — Slickback


On a Johnny Vegas binge... One of the most underrated comedians of our time...

Author — Yesitsa Windup


" Ill see you up in the turret "

Lost it at that

Author — trolltothebank


I love how his fame hasn't gone to his head at all, he's still just a northerner

Author — ConnorTQ


The absolute best, any man that can make Sean Lock laugh like that is special

Author — Kieran Burke


A lot of what Johnny says I dont understand but I still laugh

Author — Lord Jock