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The most common question we receive from website owners is how a site can get on the first page of Google's search results. Top pagerank is the goal of any Search Engine Optimization strategy.

So, what does it take to get Google first page results? Pagerank is a combination of science and art. This video assumes you first have a web page up and running.

Top Criteria for attaining first-page Google results:

1. Mobile First: Your site needs to be mobile-friendly and secure. A page that won't load quickly and view well on a mobile device will get heavily penalized in search results.

2. Content is King: Your website needs to have lots of information and media pertaining to what you offer. Write blog posts, have images and video and keep a library of articles on your site. Keeping viewers on your site, engaging with material is the key. If you don't have any content, people will visit your website and click away, which will hurt your search ranking.

3. Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Research keywords by using keyword tools like the Keyword Planner on Google Ads. Find relevant keywords that have high views and low competition. Use these keywords and populate your title/description tags and use them in your headings and image tags. Without keyword SEO, search engines won't be able to find your website.

4. Link Building: Link your site to other websites, such as forums and comments sections of blogs. Search engines look at other sites and if your site shows up on several other sites, your pagerank will rise.

5. Social Media: Share content on social media channels and link your audience back to your website. Be sure to be consistent, answering relevant questions and giving useful information. Don't just spam your links as that will hurt your search rank results.

With these general tips in mind, you can start increasing your website's exposure and getting closer to those first-page search results that are so important for online marketing.

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