Blake Challenges Bolt In 2012 | I AM BOLT

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Blake Challenges Bolt In 2012 | I AM BOLT 5

A new challenger has risen in Jamaican athletics and he goes by the name of Yohan Blake. He's beaten Bolt at the Olympic trials but will he have what it takes at London 2012.

From I AM BOLT (2016): Following the sprinting legend as he prepares to go for gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Competing in the 100m and 200m races, Bolt attempts to make history by winning these events for a record third time.

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Having Bolt and Blake in the same team for relay is like having cheat codes.

Author — Elias m


Usain Bolt is so fast that when he runs around a tree, he can see his own back.

Author — territorial piss


Respect for Blake. The guy really challenged the best.

Author — Mohamed Azarudeen


See you guys in 4 years when this gets recommended to everyone again.

Author — F L I T Z


I was in Jamaica and I asked a storekeeper, “How big a deal is Osain Bolt in this country?” His response was swift, “He’s a national hero.”

Author — Engel Avalos


Bolt can’t swim but that’s fine. He can just run on water

Author — Lunch


Imagine if its Zombie apocalypse and Usain Bolt was a Zombie and he comes chasin' after you🤣

Author — Peeps


No one ever talks about blake and how godly he is

Author — Jobama


Imagine the feelings of the whole of Jamaica, when they saw that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place was won by Jamaicans. Insane feeling.

Author — MechaSergi


Bolt: Everybody is on my left

Two runners on the right side: am i a joke to you?

Author — Diogo matias


I can't wait until Tyson Gay's film comes out "I Am Gay"

Author — Traditional & Primitive Archer


Can we just say that it’s still a very large coincidence his last name is BOLT?? Because that really fits his title.

Author — CoffeeSwirls Girl


I love how Blake just knows bolt is better than him and he just accepts it

Author — Aden 7805



Only Place on earth where dogs are Afraid to chase.

Author — Naznin Rahman


Bolt: Im the fastest guy on *EARTH*

Cameraman: *Hold my camera*

Author — kelvin chandler


I once ran 100 meters in 5 seconds. But the only witness was the dog that was chasing me

Author — shawn dwayne


5:37 that guy got his cap stolen hahahahah

Author — crudex


4:58 ur my teammate, i respect you...but i'm the greatest

Author — Phoenix


There's no denying the fact that Usain Bolt is the's gonna take a miracle to emulate his feat of triple Olympic golds three times...but my heart goes out tho Yohan Blake, who remains the only athlete to have ever challenged Bolt in his prime.

Author — Rahil Sanghavi


Imagine Yohan Blake if he didn’t Injure himself.

Author — -Kronos -