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To mark the return to steam of Agecroft 3, we take at look at the first of the Agecroft Trio, Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn w/n 7416 of 1948. Built to a standard, Black, Hawthorn design from the Edwardian Period, Agecroft 1 operated at the titular Power Station until 1980. Restored at the Science & Industry Museum 2008-2011 she was a popular locomotive amongst crews and visitors alike. Now out of her ten year boiler ticket and awaiting overhaul.
The first locomotive I ever fired. Thanks for the memories Agie.

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Ah Agecroft days!
Drove no.3 up and down a bit then when I was old enough took my tests to be an NCB underground engineer (had a long walk underground from Agecroft to Bradford collieries area , oh how I wish I had a digital camera back in those days).

Author — Adelle Walls


The run-away sounds very scary. Do you happen to know how much of a drop it was?
Thanks for making and sharing!

Author — FooWasHere


I just love British Industrial Tank Engines, since even they are quite elegant despite their diminutive size and usually finding themselves employed doing thankless work. They're small enough for an Enthusiast to own, operate, and care for without too much bother or expense (except for major repairs like boiler work or frame work, and obviously you'd need to be quite well off just to purchase one these days). I would have loved to have been alive and in adulthood (Making the money I am today) when Engines like these were being disposed of for Scrap Prices. Between Locomotives, Traction and Showman's Engines, and Stationary Engines, I may have come close bankrupting myself but at least I'd be happy! Excellent video as always Anthony!

Author — SteamAndSmoke97


We called Ken Corfield 'the Bishop' at Agecroft. He was a devout church goer & never swore. RIP Ken.

Author — TD


For me this brings back memories of RS&H 7705 which I first saw on a school trip to Ely Paper Mills, Cardiff in the late 1960s and would later drive at Caerphilly in the late 1970s and early 1980s when it belonged to the National Museum of Wales.

Author — Mike Brown


Great video Anthony! powerful 0-4-0, running beautifully. Thanks for sharing it!

Author — Jeff Dayman


I remember two visits to Agecroft Power Station to see the locos in the late 70s. As students we had Wednesday afternoon off - the first visit saw one of the three in steam but the second visit was not so lucky.

Author — Leslie Gilpin Railways


Great episode. I have been lucky enough to see No.1 a few year ago and recently No.3 on her return to steam

Author — kinetic .rail


Quite interesting, didn't even know this little tank existed!

Author — Mr.James Conductor


So cute! I want one to run in my back yard. Of course, I'd have to get the back yard first. 🙄

Author — Garry Ferrington


I was not aware of this particular loco - Thanks to you, I am now!

Author — cogidubnus1953


Question: Would the mentioned replica coaches happen to be the ones at MOSI?

Author — knuckles


Looking at the design, I am honestly surprised this engine is 'Newer' than I thought (1948).

Author — toby070


quite nice series of videos lovely stuff, certainly hope such series like videos of the same locations but diffrent engines will continue.

Author — Fernando Queiroz Popovic


Anthony, are you going to do a piece on those NER/ LNER, electric steeplecabs, as I think that were GE, imports, and they had cousins operating on the Boston Elevated Railway[Massachusetts], which were still operational up on till the 60's(?), ! Anyway, they are somewhat obscure, and they also operated on docks! Thank you for your attention!

Author — Robert Huron


I know of this engine but I had not known that we are of the same age.

Author — john jephcote


So have they finished the works on the machine hall at the Manchester Science and Industry Museum? 👍

Author — Andy Rumming


Will you be taking a look at all 3 of the Agecroft engines? Would be good to see you at Whitwell while No.3 is running 😃👍

Author — Thurstable Lane


Thank you for the video they are lovely looking engines remind me of Peckett w2's.Iam I reading right no trains running at the museum.? and when will they be running again?

Author — Richard Swiderski


Do videos on early Asian, African American early steam locomotives please.

Author — Thomas Shaftoe