OVERWHELM - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Fight your way through the horrors of the hive in OVERWHELM, available now on Nintendo Switch. You can play together with a friend in the brand new, exclusive co-op mode, reviving each other when you go down and taking out enemies and bosses on the go.

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Not gonna lie I was hoping the game would look more like the artwork shown in the thumbnail but it still looks pretty rad

Author — Rainy_Day


"You're outnumbered, low on ammunition and the paranoia sets in. This is an action horror-world where enemies get power-ups and you don’t."

thats what steam said

the name seem accurate

Author — grem lin


I think it's really interesting how this trailer can show you so many mechanics with just a few seconds of pixelated footage.

Author — PatTheHyruler


This game is awesome guys seriously play it. Game is like Super Metroid without powerups but on Virtual Boy and feels like Aliens and Contra 3.

Author — Ninja


The emotion I'm going to feel playing this game

Author — Sinistar


Can confirm, this game is dope. Definitely worth 10 bucks. This is distilled video game in its most pure form.

Author — CLSharpman5000


Awesome game!!! DONT MISS IT... Is like a Dark 2D Shadow of the colossus!! Congrats to the developer!!!! 👍🏻

Author — Z Y


It looks cool.
This game reminds me a bit of Axiom Verge.

Author — Dan Langdon


It sounds like a mix of Downwell and Axiom Verge to me

Author — lulu1997master


Single player looks OK. Coop looks amazing!

Author — Striker667


It's so crazy to see the amount of games that are coming out for the switch. Its like every day now we get at least one new game trailer for the switch.

I guess you can say that I'm....overwhelmed.

Author — Otto6521


It's difficult to make a retro 8-bit style game stand out these days because I think they are completely saturating the market. But this one did something right.

Author — Clay Hamilton



Why isn't anybody ever just Whelmed?

Author — Charziken909


Looking like the lovechild of Celeste and Risk of Rain and I am WITH IT.

Author — young_ricky


Man all these new games coming out is really OVERWHELMING! hahaha...

Author — Pasta Power


Love that art, main character looks badass

Author — Dragon Spooker


Wow looks great, i really am “overwhelmed”!

Author — Waiting 90 daγs to change my name


I got this game and I must say it's fun and challenging. It's not easy.. It actually says it's difficult and there is an easier assist option if you find yourself struggling lol.. but I refuse to play it like that.. So ima keep playing and try to beat this game on its natural settings 🎮 awesome game..

Author — G.O.N-Skeleton


I don't know about you guys but I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed

Author — DadOfTheYear.mp4


Kudos to Nintendo for making a new game for the VirtualBoy

Author — Frank Tinney