Hans Zimmer - Interstellar - Main Theme (Piano Version) + Sheet Music

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Hans Zimmer - Interstellar - Main Theme
Piano Version by Patrik Pietschmann

Hi, my name is Patrik Pietschmann, I'm a keyboard player, arranger and hobby programmer from Germany. Since I am a huge fan of Hans Zimmer, I did an arrangement of his Main Theme from the "Interstellar" soundtrack. In this video I have tried to combine my live piano playing with the visualization of the music material by programming my own "Synthesia"-like software.

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[June, 2023] It's been 9 years since Interstellar was released. Means only 1.2 hours of time passed on Planet Miller



How can the human mind just come up with such creativity.

Author — @SamerAlsourani


You know, I’ve always wanted to just have the honor of sitting in front of a pianist and listen to them play a masterpiece like this right in front of me. I don’t have the words to express the emotions I feel when I hear this. I can only imagine how much more amazing and magical something like this would sound in person. Wow! Just wow! 🥰

Author — @felicity7841


Leaving this comment here so I'll always have a reminder to practice this masterpiece anytime someone likes it

Author — @therealjerry013


The faster you move in space, the slower you move in time..

Get reminded of it every time I hear this masterpiece.
Such creativity and skill

Author — @electedship8


"I'm gonna learn it"

*This little maneuver is gonna cost us 51 years*

Author — @yuvanpradhan1010


i am so happy to say that i finally learned the entire piece, im so proud of my self, thank you so much for this

Author — @saracornelia3176


Probably one of the most beautiful things ever composed.

Author — @Justbest85


I finally bought the sheet music and started learning it today! IM SO EXCITED TO LEARN THIS ARRANGEMENT! (Nov 26, 2023)

Author — @farwynkaka9334


This masterpiece even after 6 whole years still manages to shock me of how good it is. Just perfect soo perfect I wish I would be able to play it one day like him even if it is just once.

Author — @thepsycozz377


As a gentleman once asked, "why are the most beautiful songs, always the saddest?"

Author — @sandaruvidanage


To a normal human who has never seen Interstellar, this'd be just a normal melody. But to a human who's seen Interstellar, this is not just a melody.

Author — @ferhles


I honestly did not want that to end, that was amazing.

Author — @MrMannyc


I learned this whole song from him, and it was beautiful! God bless your Great talent!😊

Author — @youtuberlance9261


Finally finished learning this masterpiece. Thank you Patrick for this beautiful arrangement. This is easily my favourite song to play of all time.

Author — @parthsrikanth2627


I've been coming back to this video for years. There isn't much music that can install such emotion than this. As the expression goes 'feeling the music' really applies here.

Author — @Aphex51


This makes me cry every time I hear it. It’s like it’s my longing for happiness and my sadness all combined.

Author — @ctTriState


Did you know that Hans Zimmer wrote this piece after reading only one page of the script, where Cooper says goodbye to Murph? He didn’t know the genre or the story anything. He just made something incredibly heartfelt about a promise from a father to his daughter, and in that he managed to capture so much more.

Author — @starmada105


How do you even begin to compose a masterpiece such as this? Perfect in every way. Mind blowing to think Zimmer had a vision, a tune in his head and it turned into thus. I could never.

Author — @josephgabriel5942


I learned this in 3 months after just starting piano! Granted I played for a couple of years as a child so I picked the basic up pretty quickly, but I hadn’t played in over 20 years. You can do it!!

Author — @nickpetruzzi7871