Change - Everything and More (LP Version)

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LP Credits:

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus & Mauro Malavasi
Executive producer: Jacques Fred Petrus for little macho music

Change are:
James Robinson: Lead vocals
Deborah Cooper: Lead vocals
Timmy Allen: Bass
Mike Campell: Guitar
Vince Henry: Sax & Guitar
Jeff Bova: Keyboards
Rick Gallwey: Percussion

Keyboards: Mauro Malavasi, Kashif, Kae Williams, Andy Schwartz, Davide Romani, Barry Eastmond, Adam Ippolito
Bass guitar: Davide Romani, Timmy Allen
Drums: Yogi Horton, Buddy Williams, Terry Silverlight
Guitars: Hiram Bullock, Ira Siegel, Mike Cambell, Herb Smith, James Robinson, Fareed Abdul Haqq, Kevin Robinson
Percussion: Rick Gallwey, Jimmy Maelen
Saxophone: Vincent Henry, Dave Tofani, Rudy Trevisi
Trumpets: Randy Becker (courtesy Arista records), Jon Faddis
Lead vocals: James "Crab" Robinson, Deborah Cooper, Roy Ryan
Background vocals: Jocelyn Brown, Robin Clark, Gordon Grody, Bobby Douglas, Michelle Cobbs & Fonzi Thornton (courtesy Bruce Wallace mgt.) Phillip Ballou (courtesy Handshake records) Norma Jean Wright, Johnny Kemp, Debbie Cole, Leroy Burgess, Sara Geller, Kevin Robinson, Timmy Allan, Ethel Beatty
French horne: Brooks Tilldtson

String players: On the very best in you, everything and more and promise your love:
Gene Orloff (concertmaster) - Alfred Brown - Frederick Zlotkin - Jonathan Abramovitz - Harry Lookofsky, Joseph Malignaggi - Mitsue Takayama - Julien Barber - Harold Kohen - Gerald Tarack - Guy Lumia - Frederick Buldrini - Marilyn Wright

On sharing your love and you're my number 1:

Jeff Delinko - Sanford Allen - Kathleen Beaver - Kathryn Kienke - Diane Halprin - Harry Cykman - Guy Lumia - Ann Barak - Richard Henrickson - Richard Maximoff - Julien Barber - Ruth Demarco - Kermit Moore - Jessy Levy

Conducted by Mauro Malavasi, Davide Romani, Jacques Fred Petrus
Arranged by Mauro Malavasi - Davide Romani

Recorded at Media sound studios, New York

Engineered by Michael Barbiero
Assisted by Don Wershby, Harry Spiridakis, Andy Hoffman
*Remixd by Michael Brauer
Mastered at Sterling sound, Inc., New York
Engineered by Jack Skinner

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Beautiful, just plain long BEAUTIFUL! A lovely love song that will always warm the coldest of hearts! Thanks for the upload!

Author — Derrick Edney


Very few recording groups have produced back to back hits on the same album! CHANGE did so several times between 1980 thru 1982, including "Everything and More"! It remained on the top 5 music charts for 8 consecutive weeks back in 1982. It was also one of the most beautiful love ballads of all time! Thanks for the upload!

Author — Derrick Edney


Another Killer ballad - Tune!
Great uploads @originaldiscoculture. Thanks

Author — snakehips16