Christopher Ledger - Deceptive Afterglow EP (AMP021)

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

An interpretation from Amphia 021 release EP "Deceptive Afterglow" by Christopher Ledger.

Amphia 021 is narrated by Christopher Ledger, who subtly undertakes us into different corners of the electronic music field.
The record provides 4 dance-oriented tracks, with moments of introspection, a state of mind in which one does not fear to explore their inner gloomy parts.

Side A begins with “Afterglow”, which smoothly blends its dynamic rhythm and acid bassline with dreamy pads giving an alluring glimpse into its ingenuous approach.
“Not formally” feels like a change of register with its four to the floor beat and airy pads encompassing multiple textures.

The sequel reveals the peak of the release, with “Deceptive”. Sharp edges and a heavy bass line give the track a raw appeal perfectly combined with the “deceptive” minor chord.
The record ends with “See through”, an enigmatic approach, concluding the scenic space we’ve been guided through.