Stephen A. Smith Clashes With Michael Irvin Over Tony Romo | First Take | March 24, 2017

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Stephen A. Smith Clashes With Michael Irvin Over Tony Romo | First Take | March 24, 2017 4.5

Stephen A. Smith has a differing opinion on Tony Romo's playing career than Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin does.

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max just walked to into the wrong barbershop 😂😂

Author — Le Andre St. Hilaire


Stephen A. and Michael Irvin so entertaining lol



Pastor Irvin is here to deliver the word

Author — Cam Young


"He is a billionaire, he had a choice" HAHAHAHAHAHA

Author — Rui Lopes


Love micheal Irvin standing behind romo

Author — tucsonhiphop


Tony Romo is one of the highest rated passers in the history of the game and highest rated in the 4th Quarter . If Romo ever did win a Super Bowl he would probably be the greatest Story in Sports History. However that's a big IF.

Author — Mike DeAngelo


I always said, the moment you know, Stephen A Smith is losing a debate that he's in, is when he starts yelling and trying to talk over the other person.
Michael Irvin 
"This show is as good as it is, cause you come after my why they call them America's Team"

Author — Dem Dallas Boyz


“I can’t believe this man called me a soul seller..”

Author — Chuck rogers


I need my wife to love me like Michael Irvin loves Romo and the Cowboys.

Author — Michael Tolbert


Tony doesn't play defence...I love the cowboys but the defence has been garbage for the last 22 year's...

Author — Curt Jackson


Here's what numbers don't show: numbers don't show that what was accomplished by one individual (Romo), was done under a lack of support (horrible line, bad defense, bad front office, badly disciplined team). His accomplishments are great since he never has a team around yet, still made the team relevant to the league. Without Tony Romo, any team that sees the Cowboys on their schedule sees it as an automatic win. But no, Romo carried the team on his back.

Author — Gerson Rivera


They talk about the cowboys everyday b

Author — Humble Beast


It takes more than the quarterback to win games damn.

Author — Casey M


Take the DIS out of the RESPECT . best line ever !

Author — cloudzinmyize


If we look at it like this, give Tony the same team as Troy he would have been a 3x super bowl champ. He is a much better passer than Troy and Troy had an HOF running back and HOF wide receiver, and lets not forget a defense that was solid, and better coaching in Coach Jimmy Johnson... These are all the things that Tony never had on a consistent basis... But still is Dallas all-time leading passer and is 4th all time in the NFL for passer rating... Yes. Winning a Super Bowl is the objective, Tony was just at the wrong place and time just like Dan Marino was... I have to utmost respect for what Tony did for the Cowboys and he did it with class!

Author — Lommie Jones


Romo has 8td to 2int in his playoff career so I’m not going to say it’s his fault for their record it is a team game. And Dez caught it lol

Author — BWayne75


Stephen killed himself in the argument at never played.

Author — justin howard


Steven A and Michael Irvin are great together love it every time Mike is on the show.

Author — Alvin Shepherd


This entire conversation was hilarious

Author — sabbathcore


Romo straight carried cowboys through their worst part of history. Respect to Irvin.

Author — Tyler Hamblin