2018, in 5 minutes

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2018, in 5 minutes 4.5
Another year, another end-of-year video.

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Hi everyone!

So 2018 is basically over, wow. We have a lot planned for next year that we're excited about: a new mini-series from Joss, season 2 of Explained on Netflix, and even a show we're making for YouTube. But one constant, potentially the only since we started our channel, is that we wouldn't be here without you. So a huge thank you from our team for watching our videos!! We really do love making them for you 💛

— Vox Video

Author — Vox


Me watching this, AND IT'S ALREADY June 2019🤯 🤯

Author — Pinky Torres


When this videos basically talking bout the end of the world and the TOP liked comment is about a meme... I am so proud of this community

Author — Opinions on the Internet


I wanna see what 2019s one will be like

Author — The Reto Tech Guy


Is it just me this seem like a *”the world is ending”* type of video???

Author — vKrox


It's already 2nd of June and nothing good has happened yet, i feel like the end is near.

Author — MardiB


4:33 when you work like a boss at NASA but still have a 2 minute hand shake

Author — NoZrA 3


Whats 2019 ganna be "Oh sorry were all dead"

Author — Grandmaster Lunchable


Much better than YouTube rewind, but depressing.

Author — Xrislt


Can't wait to see how 2019 plays out. We are halfway there.

Author — OnsaوArtoli :D


Quick Summary:

Video Starts happy

Video Becomes Sad

Video Ends Happy

Author — Rhys Higgon


why did i find this in september 2019??

Author — Jell-O


From historic meets, to the end of violence in some places, and the start of it in others, the video has it all.

Author — Cotton the Easter Cottontail Rabbit


This was way better than the YouTube Rewind.

Author — Paul Binu


1:18 - 1:25 gave me serious shivers
especially the synagogue part

Author — Hatikvah Diaries


i hope the extradition bill protest in hk makes it to the 2019 recap vid

Author — Jeffrey CHAN


2018 was the best year of my life I met my first love... in 2019 I had my first break up 🤷‍♂️

Author — braydon case


Vox I might not agree with some of your views but good job summing up this year couldn’t of done it better

Author — The Flyer


*_Videos like this actually make 2018 look bad._*

Author — The Mr. Man


And I thought it was impossible to summarize 2018 in twice this time.

Author — Relevation Animations