Top 10 Most Difficult Piano Pieces

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Top 10 Most Difficult Piano Pieces 5

I played the top 10 most difficult piano pieces. They are hard to play because they are fast songs, with left-handed jumps, polyrhythms, octaves, tenths, arpeggios and other piano technical difficulties.

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Difficult means he cannot stare at you while playing.

Author — Tomato CC


Kids: don’t try this at home. Vinheteiro’s a professional.

Author — Peter Hopkins


How many hard piano compositions have you made?

Chopin: yes

Author — RELYON 28


Chopin be like : i didn't create this hard shits so tom and jerry could chase each other

Author — asha castro


0:01 Hungarian Rhapsody N. 2 F. Liszt
0:39 Flight of the Bumblebee R. Korsakov
0:55 Fantaisie Impromptu Chopin
2:00 Piano Concerto N. 5 Beethoven
2:18 Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movemenet) Beethoven
3:20 Revolutionary Etude Chopin
3:55 Etude Op. 25 No. 11 - Winter Wind Chopin
4:18 Piano Concerto No.21 Mozart
4:44 Grande Polonaise Brillante Opus 22 Chopin
5:00 Heroic Polonaise opus 53 Chopin

Author — Eurykleia


Piano difficulty
1. Easy
2. Medium
3. Hard
4. Where Vinheteiro has to look at the piano

Author — The ordinary rat


Top 10 most difficult pieces he had played.

Author — Josías Díaz Arvelo


Vinheteiro: Hardest piano pieces: 9 - Flight of the bumblebee

Two set violin wants to know your location.

Author — No one


“Playing the piano is not a physical activity”
Chopin: hold my beer

Author — Shamil Asitha Kuruppu


This is what I’m like typing my essay that’s due tomorrow.

Author — Potato Milk


This guy practices 40 hours a day obviously.

Author — xxakanebloomxx


Sorry, but where is “La Campanella” ???

Author — Sofia Gomez


When my piano teacher told me to PRACTISE fantaisie impromptu,
Me: damn I can't do this

After watching this video,
I know the reason

When vinheteiro said it's hard

Author — Hau Yung Julia Suen


When Venheterio is not looking at you you know its hard

Author — Lucijan Boljun


It should be renamed: Vinheteiro flexing for 5 minutes and 54 seconds straight

Author — Stray Kids


Asian parents: good warm up. Now play it backwards

Author — Eishan Mohammed


There's a couple pieces missing for sure, I mean it's hard to quantify all the hardest pieces, but I'd have to have a Rachmaninoff piece in there, and maybe another Liszt piece (La Campanella anyone?). Also perhaps Profokiev and Stravinsky. Another Chopin option is the Waterfall. There are just sooo many hard pieces to play I suppose it depends where your strengths lie too.

Author — Dchang


Everytime he points his finger, i feel like a bad student that's not paying attention and being reprimanded.

Author — Yeye A.


Biology: humans only have 10 fingers
Vinheteiro: I’m gonna pretend like I didn’t see that.

Author — Lol No


Vinheteiro : flight of the bumblevee is hard
Twoset : ah shit here we go again

Author — A.H