GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: Silent and Sneaky Undetected, My Best Run Yet! ($3,052,456 Payout)

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GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: Silent and Sneaky Undetected, My Best Run Yet! ($3,052,456 Payout) 5

This was my most profitable run yet of the Silent and Sneaky approach of the Diamond Casino Heist netting us over 3 million dollars!

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💬 Comments on the video

Yeah Stealth is better when you have friends with great communication but with randoms its a nightmare.

Author — SoraFan23


I just love how quiet they keep each other. When I'm with my friends it's completely different

Author — Luke Massa


Hey This Watch Dogs 4 Trailer Looks Pretty Good.

Author — llCayde 6ll


Them on the way to the casino: *Strategising*
Me and my mates: Lol, look round bro *Middle Finger* Hahahaha *Shoots Car*

Author — DanNozzer Nosowski


Why can’t we just push all the carts outside the vault?

Author — Phanta 95


Tip: use the EMP device right as you are about to leave the vault, once it’s dark you just sprint trough the room, up the stairs and all the way through the metal detectors at the staff exit. That’s how me and my friends stayed undetected and we got away in less than a minute

(Also, you can easily get away from the cops via the sewer tunnels as you see in the video)

Author — FelixVines


Ghillie's 20% cut is more than prison break or series a funding

Author — FortniteSucks


Best I got is 3.2 mill also you can hit the small vault twice. Once in the way in and once in the way out

Author — epicsniper 5005


There’s a glitch in the casino heist (target: gold) where once you are nearly done with the tray of gold, stop collecting and it will reset the tray then start collecting it again. Potential take is about $5.2 mil

Author — Dennis


21:28 “that’s how you do a clean 3mil take” 21:30 it’s not over yet. 👏🏾👏🏾 signs of a true leader

Author — ProtocolSe7en


The heist is so replayable it’s unreal

I’ve done it twice in stealth’s and con plus half in loud but had To go halfway

Author — Ur Dad


"Good news is they had a record breaking weekend. Bad news is I won't stop talking for the rest of the heist."

Author — XxFlaming CobraxX


GTA Logic
*picks up one stack of money at a time*

Author — Robster and Games


You can get this amount with just 2 players if it's Artwork, on Hard mode, and you raid the other vault and it's generous. With 2 players we had a whole minute to drill for extra goodies before having to leave.

Author — BeatsDown Gaming


I did The big con Target: Gold last night with a random on hard. Group 6 and Noose exit. Set 85% to him and let timer expire. Did the gold bar glitch we left the casino undetected with 3.4m at the end the game gave us both 85% = 2.1m each it was my best heist payout yet! Thx for the advice Ghillie.

Author — NEMESIS Family


"1 view 3 seconds ago" WEW I'M PRETTY EARLY LOL

Author — nave


My best run was $2, 967, 429. We were so close to $3 million.

Author — Revah


I wonder what's taking them so long to make the diamonds available to steal

Author — blazinganimelover86


me and my friends have tried stealth a few times. We keep getting caught by enemy weapons shooting as the dead body ragdolls on the ground.

Author — pzyqux


Bruuh me and my friend tried it like 200 times and we failed until finally we got tired and we just went in guns blazing

Author — RetroPlaysGaming