Type-C USB cable from CDRKING vs. Tronsmart, OnePlus, Ravpower

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Is the 100PHP (2USD) type-c USB charge cable from CDRKING any good? Can it rival those offered by Tronsmart, OnePlusOne and Ravpower?

Ultimately, I'm not looking for a super high quality cable that can charge as fast as my original cable. I'm looking for something lightweight for use with a powerbank outside of the home.

This cable from CDRKING doesn't support DASH charging and can handle a maximum current of 1.8A (tested with a Macbook).

While it might not rival higher quality cables in terms of maximum power, it feels well built and comes close enough to the competitors to be worth the low price tag.

I'm not aware of any third party cables that currently support DASH or VOOC charging due to the proprietary cables OnePlusOne and OPPO use (5th pin).

I've tested the OnePlusOne 3T with various powerbanks and it never draws more than 1.5A at 5V which is strange because it supports 5V 2A from most wall chargers.

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Thought of using a double usb to single micro Y cable. This way you can double your current load available even with cheaper cables.

Author — AD Electronic Teardowns


Great video. And good testing through the different brand cable.
First thing first the original one plus 3 cable is made of very great quality. And as a user of dash charger for almost 7 months. Will say that one plus 3 dash cable is made of high Quality materials and won't stop working soon. I took the cable to uni every day since night the device in Oct and been using it home. In car. And every place I took the charger and cable and still the cable hasn't got a single cut or tear. So don't worry the original cable can take quiet a beating.
As an alternative the other cables seems good to use but the dash charge not being present make the cable not good. And since there is no guarantee how long the cake will last. The best option is to get an official cable if the original get damaged and it will be expensive but to be able to dash charge is worth getting it.
Than again the original cable is a very high quality made and should last at least a year or 2. Min

Author — Shehryar Hussain


Check your voltage on the 1.5A vs 2A phone. So many chargers are not properly regulated to maintain the 5.0V under load, I seen them drop down to 4.4V especially the battery packs.

Author — AD Electronic Teardowns


Hello Sir, I ordered that tronsmart cabe on lazada but it's a micro usb cable. will fast crarge work on ky samsung adaptive fast charge for my s7 edge? thanks 😊

Author — John Louise Fernando


Check out Miniso. They have several cables for cheap. I found a quick-charge cable that works with Oppo's VOOC. I think it will work with Dash. I'm not sure if they have Type C already.

Author — Andrew Christiansen


I'm very very careful when I'm using my cables..my samsung data cable lasted for 3 years.. and it wear out in a wrong moment.. i don't have enough money that time... so i decide to buy a cable from cdr-king..the same cable as yours but the difference is mine is a micro usb.. don't get fooled by that reinforced wire.. its not as durable as you think it is for an everyday wear and tear cable... it's just my experience so.. it may be different from yours..

Author — Tamayura Fujiwara


tronsmart for the win! been using wall charger, car charger and cables.

Author — Michael Buitre


I see a reviewer of CDR king products, I press subscribe

Author — Stephen Advincula


I'm using 2 GRENOSIS usb type-c cables from Octagon (250 PHP) no issues with it. Using them daily on my Lumia 950.

Author — frzsks


I really need a good quality usb c cable for my s8

Author — Cucoy Capinpin


no one should buy and use these unbranded or cheap cable. ive heard a news before the type c cable are complicated to manufacture and are not cheap. serveral reports about exploding macbooks and google chromebooks were reported already due to the fake usb type c cable. not recommended!!!

Author — Jade Buaya


OnePlus is the manufacturer, OnePlus One is a phone. Check your title.

Author — MrTehnoGuy


not That Early, coz of Internet Problem

Author — Shoto Todoroki