Patna Law College, यहां के Students की Political Debate सबसे निराली | Bihar | Nitish Kumar

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Patna Law College, यहां के Students की Political Debate सबसे निराली | Bihar | Nitish Kumar 5

lallantop talks to patna law college students. law students talk about bihar politics, modi, rahul, nitish and lalu. studnets talk about railway recruitment, fodder scam and lalu conviction's legal merit
the lallantop was in patna to cover patna sahib and patliputra loksabha. in patna sahib congress candidate is shatrughan sinha. bjp has fielded ravi shankar prasad. in pataliputra rjd candidate is lalu prasad yadav's daughter misa bharti. bjp has fileded sitting mp and old lalu aide ram kripal yadav.

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दो टक्के का वकील सब है.... केवल 3 से चार ही काबिल वकील बन्ने लायक है... बाकि सब कचरी में अफ्फिडेफिट बनाने के भी सैयद लायक बन पाये

Author — Nicky Murmu


चश्मा वाला भाई सही है बाकी सब लाफ़न्दू लौड़े है

Author — Tosh Kumar Patel


Some guys were excellent but a bunch of them don't deserve to be there

Author — Satyam Kumar


आरक्षण पे सबसे सही जवाब दिया मैम और उनके बगल वाले भाई ने।

Author — Rahul Barnwal


70-80 % students are not like Advocate students, some students are folish

Author — Sunil Jee


That laalu mimicry guy is so irritating.. you're a lawyer.. maintain some decorum infront of camera

Author — Kamal Kumar


Two guys in specs and that lady. They r well balanced. They r the one who r having a positive approach and r understanding the Constitution. All others r exposing their stupidity.

Author — Irfan Khan


गर्मी ज्यादा होने से बच्चे ज्यादा होते हैं..
मतलब बच्चे पैदा करने में आदमी का कोई रोल ही नहीं है...क्या पढ़ रहे हैं ये लोग

Author — Kumar Monu


Jo bhi serious student hain, unko kaisa feel hota hoga jab class hota hoga...😭😭😭

Author — Prem Prakash Rohan


chsmaa wala bahi great thinking and best vision to different angle

Author — Anil Anil


That lady and guy in spects sounds sensible, pity to see the land of Buddha and Nalanda getting worst, rest all are jokers standing there

Author — Tushar Krishna


Respect for the only female participant. Real empowerment, when women feel confident of themselves.

Author — vikas dadhwal


संभवतः ये बनावटी लालू जी मनोरंजन के लिए लॉ कॉलेज में आये हैं ...बांकी मटेरियल हैं राजनीति के ही😂😂😂

Author — Ravi Jha


Bhai dekh lo white shirt wale ka knowledge bhai kasam se yaar
Bihar ko bs yahi duba rahe bhai

Author — information for all


I feel proud when I see people like that girl with umbrella and the guy standing next to her. I hardly see youths in Patna with such informed knowledge.

Author — gaurav kumar


Isme se maximum peon(chaprasi) banane ke v like Nahi hai

Author — Manish kumar


@21:50 - ye h arakshan ka natija ... 😂😂😂
@23:12- ye h merit ka natija 🚩🙏
@25:12- ye h merit ka natija 🙏🚩



Iska admission LALUAA ne hi karwaya ta lagta h



Saurabh divedi ji
Aapko to public administration me hona chahiye thha
Itne talented hain aap

Author — Mohd Faraz


Those 3 students, that lady and the two boys in spects seems to me very intelligent but the rest were of SC ST reservation that idiot doing lallu's mimicry he must be the sweeper of lallu's House

Author — Educational Channel