USS Macon

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The wreck site of the USS Macon, located on the seafloor within Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, is now part of the National Register of Historic Places. The designation commemorates the 75th anniversary of the loss of the U.S. Navy airship,

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I wonder if it would be out of the question to salvage and restore at least one of the little Curtiss Sparrowhawks. Just a thought.

Author — Air and Space '46 and Beyond


I'd like to see more of the video, I'm sure a lot of money was spent on the expedition, so let's see the entire video that show more of the Macon.

thanks for posting.

Author — mholdr


I'm surprise there still a bit of print on the wing of that plane wreckage.

Author — Colonel Frontline


Those beautiful and majestic airships show how our dreams sometimes reach out farther than our technology. Good thing radar came along.

Author — Robert Brockway


Самые красивые воздушные суда. Жаль что их сейчас фактически нет.

Author — Nuncio


There are more flying aircraft carriers in the ocean then there are in the sky.

Author — thejunky1


İ have some questions.Can you please answer=
1-Has the gondola of the USS Macon located.İf it is, can you describe its conditions?

2-İs it possible to dive here with a submarine after you take the necessary permission (For examining and taking photos of the wreck).

Thank you.Best regards

Author — tahtelbahirci


There were some interesting fish in the video. Those would be interesting to learn about too. Zeppelins like the Macon were from a unique period in aviation history, where Lighter-Than-Air craft were quickly being replaced by Heavier-Than-Air airplanes. The scarcity of helium, along with the airship's fragility and vulnerability, proved them obsolete for the purpose in which they were built.

Author — David Budka