Ingraham: The new American left are agents of hatred

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Ingraham: The new American left are agents of hatred 4.5
We are seeing a disturbing uptick in political violence mostly from the left.

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Harrass me or assault me in public because I support President Trump and you will be shot on sight.

Автор — Melissa Miller


That's why I vote Republican for a reason.

Автор — westwild89


They are Agents of Hypocrisy and Violence

Автор — Proud Goddess


So tired of the hate from these people, so evil. 😕

Автор — Pnp6408


They are demonic. IDK how the Left got so Wrong..

Автор — ThrummerOfLove


Inciting violence is normal and acceptable now. That's what I take away from this.

Автор — Kelly


Left democrats and deep state are trying to impeach Donald Trump. We will not let this happen

Автор — Kevin Mas


The left have always been intolerant hypocrites, but their rage has now made it impossible for them to hide their hypocrisy any longer. I just added this video to a playlist in my You Tube channel titled "This is the "tolerant" left".

Автор — Political Correctness Offends me


All signs the left is calling for civil war

Автор — aaron g


Democrats are what they say they hate about Trump.

Автор — Jill Jeffrey


They hate the most successful economy in generations, hate the fact minority employment is at all time highs, they hate the better trade balance. *The Left hates American success* protesting against the advancement of this nation.

Автор — Black Manta


We should abolish everybody in the left antifa, sjw, celebrities, let's have no mercy on them maybe only then will we have peace. As far as Maxine goes she belongs in a high security mental institution with 24 hour surveillance as she poses a threat to herself and others.

Автор — Jose Castillo


i like how the left wants gun control and a reduction in violence but yet they are engaging in violence

Автор — LWCReaper


Liberals are hatefull, immoral, irrational, irresponsible, intolerant, ignorant, emotionally deranged losers & cowards! They are their own worst enemy! They will be their own DEMISE!

Автор — Brian


We joke about TDS, but I now think this is real in that it is a mental disease. Symptoms seem to be acting on their fantasy of violence against anyone who does not agree with them. We need professionals to help these people, they are literally sick.

Автор — Cindy Rodberg


. I've seen these tactics somewhere before. Now where and when was that? I'm thinking it was the early in was that? It's right on the tip of my tongue.

Автор — West Kagle


Libertards cant deal with all this winning. They need a collapsing economy to justify their hatred for capitalism. They need high unemployment to widen the income inequality. They need more minorities on welfare to scream “racism”.

Trump is ruining “their” America.. the broken, failing America obama created that made socialism palatable.

I truly cannot understand how anyone can still be standing with the democrats.

Автор — vwr32jeep


Let the left become militant.. it’s one way we can end this culture war very quickly

Автор — Dorian Shades of gray


Arm up and practice, practice, practice.
Liberal Communists are attempting to ruin our homeland.

Our Military and our ex-Military Service People sworn an oath to protect America from ALL foreign and DOMESTIC ENEMIES.

Time for all Free Men to come to the aid of their country....

Автор — Wiz Banger


Ever wonder why most of the hatred is from feminists?

Автор — True Grit