Failing against Living Failures [Bloodborne - Part 16]

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Blind Bloodborne continues with a new area of the Old Hunters DLC - and an annoying boss battle!

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Hi John, just wanted to post this message to you after seing what you said on twitch recently. I get the feeling of hitting a wall with what you’re doing or at least the feeling of you’ve gone as far as you can, also the feeling of people saying comments that they copy and paste to other creators. But for most of your community, including me, we really enjoy your play through series. You definitely inspired me to replay bloodborne after rage quitting in my first play through. Big fan since the harshly critical days, and you’ll probably won’t see this message, but we all look forward to the next chapter of whatever you decide to do next when you complete this game. Keep up the great content!

Author — Ethan Hawthorne


52:07 John : "I wish there were more orphans to kill!"
Me: Foreshadowing!

Author — Yught


I'm still super impressed with how well you are doing with Bloodborne, having in mind that it is your first Soulsborne game. I can't wait for you to tackle more stuff in the DLC! Keep up the incredible job, John!

Author — Dan


John give the lady all the brain fluid, she will give you a rune that is super unique

Author — bacon-chewtoy


Some funfacts, the holy moonlight sword is actually the original legendary sword that ludwig used, the one you use is a replica inspired by it
The arcane user hunter that is paying in the elevator is actually vicar amelia in her human form, she went there after you killed her

Author — armando esteban quito


John "Killing orphans for money is my favourite pastime" Wolfe

Author — Nightie


I think it's perfectly understandable to skip most of the Chalices, but I would say the Pthumeru series of Chalices are worth playing to completion because they're the primary ones with the most significant and unique final boss. The next Pthumeru Chalice following the one you left off on in this video is extremely challenging because it's "cursed", meaning your HP is halved and enemies are generally tougher, and it unfortunately doesn't have a unique boss at the end of it but I still think it's an interesting challenge because you can't afford to be nearly as careless with the fight as you can in the usual instance of the fight outside the Chalice, and you'll likely have to go through some trial and error to devise a new strategy to get through it even though it's a boss you've beaten before. After that, the final Pthumeru Chalice will serve as a worthwhile finale.

It's also worth mentioning that cursed Chalices are actually more rewarding, as enemies can drop randomized cursed bloodgems which often grant much greater benefits than normal bloodgems but with drawbacks which may be negligible or may be too troublesome to justify the benefit. You never know when you might get a gem that makes your favorite weapon significantly stronger.

Author — Mannerless Colony Slob


Me: I have to sleep now
*John posts Bloodborne vid*
Me: sleep is for the weak

Author — Obelisk Blaze


Hey John, love the series but you missed one important thing. The elevator that you used the eye pendant on has a secret compartment under it. You need to activate the elevator and hop off before it goes up to access this compartment. In that compartment is an item you have to take back to the grand cathedral in the nightmare to access everyone's favorite part of the DLC

Author — Hell1ian


This is the best series ever, love you John! :D
Btw: the queenly flesh is so you can revive the queen(and get a reward), how to(in case you feel like doing it): take it to where you killed Ebrietas and into the rom-like altar, if you do now you have again the chance to join the Vilebloods, which gives you a cool armor set, a rune and a weapon :D

Author — Mateo Chaparro


Not "synonymous with Ludwig's Holy Blade, " it's "synonymous with Ludwig, _the_ Holy Blade." As in, Ludwig himself. Not the other sword.

Author — Aaron Dobbs


Despite Holy Moonlight Sword scaling well with arcane, it is actually an excellent weapon for a physical build. Mostly a strength weapon which deals rather good damage even if you meet the minimum arcane requirement of the weapon. The untransformed state's uncharged, charged, follow up of the charged, backstep and running R2 are rather good moves. Its transformation attack has massive superarmour on it and even combos into the first R1 of the transformed state. The transformed state's R2s are even cooler, which still deal excellent damage even if you meet the minimum arcane requirement. The transformed state's L2 attack though is somewhat limited despite looking fancy.

Author — High Voltage


John : "U gotta cheese it"
John : It's ok"

Author — David Zlatanov


"Mercy for these guys"

>Kills them with a rotary saw on a stick

Author — Ravenant


The Undead Giant might've given you a bit of extra trouble because you were still wearing the Choir attire. Also, it seems like bursting his boil puts him into a "frenzy" mode with extra moves, namely that spin with his balls trailing behind

Author — blissando


John you literally saved me from a mental break down just by uploading this video lmao this playthrough has been fun

Author — ramenred17


"Unfortunately there's no ladder"
The ladder: "🧐"

Author — Nobody, Lurk


The sword you are using is just an imitation because every other Healing Church Hunter used it. The one you got from Ludwig was the actual sword. Also, yay you got the "Dark Souls" sword. It would suck if a fan of these games didn't go back to Ludwig, beat the last boss, then find out some time later that they missed out on this weapon.

Author — Sunkensees


Man, the Holy Moonlight Sword. I slept on it for so long, but I happened to use it in it's transformed mode on my Arcane run, and it has become one of, if not my #1 favorite weapon in the game. So fun.

Author — EphemeralBlitz


Hey John, a tip for your other/next playthrough, you probably read this before but some npcs have different dialogue when you wear church clothes, ludwig was one of them

Author — JoaoM