Hard Earned - New beginnings

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Hard Earned - New beginnings 5
In the final episode of Hard Earned, Percy's wife Beverly plans to retire from her job as a social services case manager as her health starts to deteriorate after a stroke. With their household down to one person bringing in income, their house in Chicago will be at a greater risk of foreclosure.

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Only in America you'll get fired for being sick. A sad an inhumane place to live.

Author — JustMe


Hey al Jazeera, Can we get a 'where are they now?'... On this series?

Author — Anna


Thank god I don’t live in America. Tough times for American people. May god bless these families and those who are struggling. 🙏🏾

Author — Less Bitter More Glitter


I can’t watch these old couple are still fight for life, it’s heart broken.

Author — Angela Yuan


Imagine getting a huge medical bill after losing your babies....poor people

Author — Sarah meh


Walgreens is just horrible, will consider boycotting them for better responsible employers

Author — Adam Lee


excellent, excellent work, Al Jazeera !, this series was very good, great filmography - almost epic... I'm going to follow your network.

Author — 2008koss


The indifference of Walgreen to Tanika's bouts of pain is Inexcusable ! Peptic ulcer? Twisted small intestine ? Cyst on the ovary? Somebody PLEASE get her to an ultrasound clinic before things get worse.
Would very much like to show this episode at the annual meeting of Walgreen shareholders. Wonder if any one person would offer to help Tanika get a Dr appt??

Author — R Feenstra


It's awesome how he worked his way to the top, from the diswasher to as a manager. :D \o/

Author — Heidi Leinonen


It is often we hear the economic hurdles governments and corporations have to endure during this great recession but often we forget the effect it has on the grass roots. 

Loved the Series. Thank you Al Jazeera.

Author — J Groenveld


I live in London and people here honestly complain about everything that makes no sense! America is so hard just wow am in shock how people are living and how bad it is

Author — Sheena Rehema


Why did Jose have to learn maths to be a disc jockey?

Author — IglooDweller


That was absolutely sweet ending... I love it... God bless everyone

Author — A Q


A good real life example about the life of ordinary people in America.

Author — Riza Lukman


12 bucks an hour, assistant manager, wow those Food Business sure do pay well. This guy passed math with a D, seriously dude, it was basic Algebra? Eeeeek

Author — Yes It's Me


College is such a scam...especially now!

Author — domperrier


Great series!! Loved it <3 My heart goes out to all the families, that we followed and everyone else in difficult situations in life..

Author — Marianne Rosenberg


May allah give them strength and faith to carry on life is hard but there’s always hope god bless all x



Amelia needs to be a counselor. Her honesty and sincerity makes people open up.

Author — Farisa Smith


It's nice to see progress being presented in such a mature and positive way. They are all seem very responsible. Congrats.

Author — Pauline S