Stephen A. defends his Colin Kaepernick criticisms | First Take

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Stephen A. defends his Colin Kaepernick criticisms | First Take 4
Stephen A. Smith explains that Colin Kaepernick electing not to show up to the NFL’s originally scheduled workout and plan his own proves he didn’t really want to play in the league.
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Stephen A goes on a well thought out 5 min rant and Molly still feels she should interrupt him with a nothing question. Amazing

Author — Avery H


Kaepernick is just trying to stay relevant like everyone else in the circus. Stephen A called him on it.

Author — Nomadictree


Colin Just Wants Media Attention been saying this for years since he started kneeling

Author — Nova


An empty chair would bring more to the table than molly

Author — Brenner Roland Lapid


It’s like trying to get a job and not showing up to the interview. He can’t be mad at anyone but himself.

Author — kingmaddness05 ps4


SAS also has documents and evidence showing that Epstein didn't kill himself.

Author — T F


He doesn’t want a job, he wants to be a martyr.

Author — It’s the one that says Bad mother fucker


Nothing to defend, everything you said was accurate!

Author — Andrew George


Steven A you certainly do not need to explain yourself to me. I feel so sorry and have so much empathy for not only black people but every minority race that is pressured into having an opinion that aligns with the mass's.
"I'm my brother's keeper" mentality made complete sense in the 1960s. It makes no sense today. Agreeing with someone simply because they look like you do is bias counterproductive and creates more division. Criticizing Stephen A for his opinion is wrong. It's wrong because it's no different then a white man criticizing Max for not defending Mason Rudolph simply because he's white. That would be ludicrous and so is criticizing Steven A. I welcome any and all intelligent responses for debate.

Author — Steel Town


Kaepernick has overplayed his SJW hand.
I hope he never plays football again.
As a veteran, I stand for the flag and kneel for the Cross.

Author — MIFNP


"I'M A BLACK MAN U IDIOT'S" 😂😂😂. That killed me

Author — Stephon Augustin


He's pissed man, and totally correct too.

Author — Joshua Ford


Yo I'm with u Stephen A. I'm so sick of this dude. He was a decent quarterback. I was behind him in his protest all the way and I understand that NFL teams don't want unnecessary distractions. Now saying that he chose to opt out if his contract and bet on the fact he thought he could do better as a free agent. And I will agree that He's probably a better QB than a lot of back ups currently playing but the plain and simple truth is he's not good enough to make all the distractions worth it for a team to being him in.

Author — Joe Honegger


Never seen so many oppressed millionaires in my life!

Author — George Ramirez


Imagine how loud and often he talks during movies 😂

Author — Ian Sonneborn


Stephen earning that new contract ESPN threw at him lol

Author — willemdee


It’s hard to believe millionaires screaming about oppression... like a fat guy yelling about hunger

Author — Liam O’Neil


Why is Molly allowed to speak? She’s literally only there for eye candy.

Author — J Kozy


Colin probably helped the people who caught passes get signed

Author — aj eckley


You said nothing wrong Stephen dont back down!!

Author — jay clark