China Coronavirus Outbreak: Authorities shut down two cities to curb spread of virus

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China Coronavirus Outbreak: Authorities shut down two cities to curb spread of virus 5
Beijing has cancelled major public events, including two popular Chinese New Year fairs, as the deathtoll of the Coronavirus reaches 17. In an unprecendented move, Chinese authorities have placed two cities on lockdown -Wuhan, where the virus is thought to have originated, and it's neighbouring city, Huanggang, with a nearby town, closing all its train stations. .Wuhan may not be a well-known Chinese mega-city like Beijing or Shanghai. But the place where the coronavirus outbreak emerged is, in fact, a crowded metropolis with 11 million residents. Authorities in the US are also on high alert after a man who recently flew to Seattle from Wuhan was diagosed with coronavirus. Samantha Vadas reports.

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The Chinese government has promised to reimburse all lost money by any company that shut down. Yea right! Your on your own.

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Not sure what it’s about but hopefully it will be better soon

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I praise and thank God. Verily God Has Power Over all things. Only pray to God and do good deeds only. Verily God Always Hears us. Verily God Always Sees us.

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