Yellowstone Incident/Anyone Seen News About This?

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Yellowstone Incident/Anyone Seen News About This? 4.5
PLEASE READ THIS...This happened on 4/21/2018 I hesitated to post this because I am not sure what exactly this is here. I sat on it, until I could search for news, and haven't found a thing. So I decided to go ahead and post it in the hopes someone may know what happened.The rangers bring a board over to an area where the ground is all stirred up, then it shows them shining a flashlight onto something ....I can't tell what it is....a back pack? A person on the ground? But looking at it, it almost looks like a person, but it doesn't look right....maybe an animal?

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UPDATE: Please see my latest video with the email response from Michael Polland (scientist in charge @yvo) I posted his response to my email there. He says it was an injured person who had to be airlifted. Still waiting on a response from Neal Herbert from the communications team. I will update when I hear from him.

Author — Kat Martin2016


They used trick photography to cover up the truth. I have it on expert authority they are hiding the facts. Yogi and Boo-Boo have been running amok over there

Author — W K


As someone who works at old faithful, what happened was someone was on the boardwalk intoxicated and fell off the boardwalk and broke their ankle and that was an ambulance picking him up and then he was airlifted to the nearest hospital. Just someone being dumb I guess. Lol

Author — Jonathan Lucas


Wow, that's a new one on me. I've never seen anything like it while watching at night!

Author — Trust NoOneKS


My eyes can't make out a thing in this video. Bit I did re ad that someone said an eruption. No its not. The government could not hid that, even if its a micro eruption

Author — Jerry Dunham


Wow that was really strange. and what was that light from the horizon that seemed to explode or something!!!

Author — roxie early


It's emergency vehicles. We've seen them before. Looks like there's water on the road and they're blocking if off. I see a damaged guard rail perhaps there was an accident.

Author — Lawney Malbrough


Great catch Kat. I've been pretty sick. Was writing an email to you and didn't get to finish. Going to try Tonite. Got some ideas and what you said would be great. I'll explain more in the email. Also my email app or whatever it is wasn't working. I'll explain later. Love ya and miss ya.

Author — Jackie Hamner


a great video
I wonder if I can use it in my channel, please, can I get your confirmation and l credit yours
thank you so much for the work you do. I'll be waiting for a reply

Author — mavi 777


This is disturbingly amazing!!!! Why isn't anyone talking about this???? I hope that person is ok??? Thank you for shareing this and your hard work to let us all know!!! Please everyone be safe!!!!

Author — Melissa Ivy


Thank you for posting...We can all use a bit of the Truth these days...

Author — Grant Tracy


Of course not! It’s news that actually matters.
Thanks for sharing.


Author — Squirrel Guirrel


UPDATE: I heard from someone in the comment section who works there and he said this was a drunk guy who slipped and broke his ankle(?) I have no way to verify if he works there though.... Still no reply officially from Yellowstone by email. His comment is below if you look for it. It just seems like an awful lot for a slip and fall. I do think someone was injured, but I feel it is being downplayed. I am going to wait for a personal email from a ranger before I decide what to believe. I spoke to someone else who said it was a minor injury as well that is loosely connected with the park...I don't know, I still think it was worse than that.I also spoke to someone else from GOSA (said slip and fall )and a reporter for Yellowstone's newspaper...the lady from the newspaper (said she knows the newspaper know?lol

Author — Kat Martin2016


Hellow, what is the origin of this material ?. and how did you get it?
Can you explain?

Author — paola alejandra urzagasti


Hi there, great video, i was wondering if i could use this on my channel please, i would give you full credit for it and it would be so greatly appreciated, may i please have your permission to use ?

Author — UFO Institute


Desktop recorded! are where the original video?

Author — Balacypax


Nothing crashed or exploded. What looks like a crash/explosion is merely an emergency vehicle with bright lights on its roof moving into frame -- the object that appears to descend from the sky into the 'explosion' is lens-flare caused by the lights of the emergency vehicle moving into frame.

There was a bear captured on the same cam, in the exact area, earlier that day. Since this is the Old Faithful webcam, and that's "Old Faithful" right there in the immediate background -- a high tourist area, of course -- I suspect the bear may have returned and they tranquillized it and were going to relocate it, and that operation is what we're witnessing in the video. But, that's just speculation, of course.

Author — ReallyWeirdThings.Com


AHHHH.... UFO is merely reflection from ambulance lights.

Author — twodogs716


injured person.choper.and rescue I agree with. nothing anormal. I wachted and track exactly the same time all what happened over thanks Kate

Author — Carlos Guiza


I have been very busy watching multiple things and to my thinking, this is probably the most important one of all, Yellowstone. Reasoning to this mind set is, that is going to effect everyone when it happens, I do mean this is going to be a worldwide event. I have been helping at the University of Utah seismic department as of January and here is what I and the others have discussed. My reasoning why is also been looked at by the departments head…Dr. Mark Berle.

Large earthquakes are known in the past to trigger eruptions of volcanos within weeks or even days. Asked before could Cascadia subduction one trigger a Yellowstone eruption? Stepping away from popular belief and looking at facts, the answer is “YES”. About 50-70 thousand years ago, a single plate called the Farallon plate- between the Pacific plate and the North American Plate moved toward each other, by merging, the Farallon ruptured into pieces, these plates actually created what is called the San Andrious fault line. Parts of the fused with the Pacific plate, but three sections became independent, they are known as the Explorer plate, Juan de Fuca, and the Gordo Plate. Centered in Northern California, Oregon, Washington and up into Prince Wales Island B.C. Canada. They continue to sub duct under the North American Plate today, commonly called the Cascadia one. It covers some 700-800 miles along the Pacific coast line.

The pieces of the Farallon plate pushed on and sub duct onto the Continental plate, causing leakage of magma from the mantle, formations of mountain ranges and volcanos as St. Helens, Mt. Rainer, Mt. Hood and Yellowstone. As long as Juan de Fuca continues to sub duct, new volcanos will form, grow and remain active. The Explorer plate is under todays Canada, Juan de Fuca and Gordo are still moving under the Northwest part of the United States. There is a gap between the de Fuca and Gordo plates that will widen over time as it seems to be the source of the Farallon plate. Might I also state the plates along Alaska effect these shifting of what is happening in these plate movements. They are all one way to the other connected and what one does, will effect the other. The USGS will not tell you this. But it has been verified by the ones I’m talking to and it is not a pretty picture.

The Juan de Fuca plate extends as far as Idaho, Montana as the 4th fragment lies east of de Fuca under the Continental plate. This lies over Yellowstone’s magma plume. It is like a mason jar lid, it covers much of the lower chambers. It is called the Isabella anomaly-a wondering piece of Pacific plate under the south of San Francisco. It’s a cross section that hugs Yellowstone, but the big question now, is for how long it will stay that way before it crumbles and melts into the lower magma chambers?

Between the shallow chambers which is very brittle, called the Lithosphere dome, covering a deeper plume’ the Mesosphere mantle, if Cascadia/de Fuca fractures and goes off and it will occur’ the quake one will trigger the plate-mantles. Three reasons I say this, they trigger near by volcanos, Yellowstone caldera and Cascadia feed the magma flows as geologically sources, it is geology fractures already, by previous sources-quakes dissipate these forces of a new earthquake such as the heavy chime force will be transmitted to a point of shocking near the weakest spot of exit. Like water running off a cliff side, it will find the smallest of areas to exit, magma will do the same thing. Yellowstone is that point and I say also that a 8.5 or greater will do this. As the scientist are saying that one is coming to Cascadia soon and we must prepare now. Some might ask, that Cascadia quake might induce an eruption, the geology would protect us, right? “WRONG”!

The problem is one plate moves southwest, the Yellowstone moves north east, they press onto one another, not knowing when Cascadia will happen, we cannot for certain say when Yellowstone will erupt, we do know that the sufficient the plug can certainly contain the potentially compressed caldera, but an 8.5 or greater could displace it as I’m saying, a mega quake of such will cause an super eruption and it’s light’s out. The plug as I call it is sitting over the plume, but what about the other two magma chambers in the Asthenosphere, deep quakes of 50 miles or more are not covered by the plug. More superficial than the plug itself, the truth here is knowing the signs that we are seeing at this time. It might and will save lives, but no body knows the questions better and the answers are starring us in the face…HOW, WHEN, TIME TABLES?

Have a plan as I have stated and be prepared. A plan never killed anyone. We cannot accurately predict when this event will happen, nor can one predict that it wont happen either, but the signs tell us that things are happening below our feet and small tremors are the first tell-tale signs of an eruption.

The USGS has also released that they have been watching another caldera in the Gulf of Mexico and this one might be ready to erupt. Water temp’s off the coast of Grenada are higher than normal according to the Russian finds from the research ship Viktor Leonov-CCB175. They were in the area on January 10th, 2018 when the 7.8 quake struck off the coast of Honduras. Before the quake hit some 1500 feet below the surface of the water, they had noted strange sounds like booms and the currents of the Caribbean channels were not acting normal, this was also verified by a NOAA satellite during this time. These sounds were heard in Cuba, Belie, Mexico about the time the quake struck.

Solar activity is being noted but I don’t have enough data to share on this, but it does and will effect what transpires concerning quake and volcano activity. These solar winds as they are called play a part in much of this. Could they be a triggering point in Cascadia and Yellowstone? I say very likely. In my area, New Madrid has been showing some signs of activity also so we have major seismic activity taking place in North America. This is what I have been privy to these last 4 weeks.

350Km of carbon molten…rising of date/217 miles below surface.
Heat temp’s up by 23.9% as of 3-10-2018 data.
Poles shift are moving to the northwest at a rate of 40 miles per month.

This is all I can say and share at this time because I have nothing else at this time.

Author — jprolls rolls