Retaining Detail in Artistic Portraits - Topaz Impression

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

During the Topaz Labs Webinar on Tuesday I showed some techniques for making artistic portraits. I must say that I had the most fun during that webinar than many in the past few months. I think it was nice to stray from my usual workflow and do something out of my normal element.

During the Artistic Portrait Webinar I showed several things:

How to make a light appear under the threads of a shirt
How to increase Tone and Color with Topaz Clarity
How to do a Frequency Separation technique with Topaz Detail
How to make interesting painted portraits using 2 Impression layers
How to retain all of the original detail in the photograph and apply it to the Artistic Portrait

In this tutorial today I will focus strongly on item #5. I only had about 2 minutes to show this final step during the webinar so I wanted to touch on it in greater detail today. It is a powerful technique for Artistic Portraits but also for Landscape images that have been given the artistic painted appearance.

The basic premise is to make a High Pass texture sandwich:

Save your base layer
Duplicate the base layer
Run a filter (I used Impression here) on the duplicate
Duplicate your base layer again
Move it to the top of the layers palette
Change the blend mode to Linear Light
Desaturate the layer (CTRL+SHIFT+U, or CMD+Shift+U on Mac)
Go to Filter - Other - High Pass
Set the pixels to 3.0
Adjust the Opacity to taste
Mask out any unwanted detail effect

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Love it. This takes me where I want to go. Thanks Blake...I have wanted this effect for a long time. Did not know how to get so much control. I'm off to make some more art. You inspire me.
As I have said before, after doing IT for 48 years, a new refreshing look is what I am after and you are giving me exactly that. Now its up to me to use these tips wisely. BTW Your 5 sharpening tips and Blend if have changed my life. Thanks again.

Author — Dr. Nicolas Rao


If you don't have a tablet, reduce brush opacity and bring detail back with each sweep of the brush. I like to start at 10-13% and build from there.

Author — Theo Fenraven


Thank you, solved a big hassle for me.

Author — Pam Brighton