Alcohol burner with remote feeding

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Alcohol burner with remote feeding 4.5

- 2:42 I made the threads in the aluminum tube just using a bolt. There's no need for a thread tap;

- I did not use substances to sealing or any type of glue. The parts are simply fitted firmly;

- Only the burner and part of feeding tube get warm. The reservoir remains cold all the time;

- Pre-heating is needed;

- The cotton wick limits the alcohol flow;

- All the parts are basically garbage - an empty deodorant spray, tubes of an old aluminum antenna, a cotton rag or wick and bolts.

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Wouldn't some kind of lid help as alcohol fairly quickly evaporates? I mean if you were using this device overnight or something

Author — Bussarin Boi


Gostei, mais poderia ter informações da medida dos parafusos, comprimento do cabo ( bitola) e etc. Ficou legal.

Author — Milton Patricio


Super simple super Sleek design every trap house should have one

Author — Garth Vooder


Excelente. Felicitaciones y saludos desde Mendoza, Argentina.

Author — libertrino3


Pro-Tip: Be sure to EMPTY the can before slicing into it!

Author — Red Hunteur


Orange flame means needs more oxygen holes and a piece of aluminum can slider to adjust o2 Intake

Author — jolllyroger1


This guy is in desperate need of a Dremel.

*Game Changer*

Author — Rob Hodge


May need a cover that for alcohol evaporates fast.

Author — RimWulf


10/10 for a well done job AND a clearly made video showing anyone how to do it themselves.

Author — Peter1956Javea


So you can actually refuel while cooking

Author — Loli4lyf


Про спиртовку из школы, я чуть со стула не наеб... ся!! Давно так не ржал-зачёт парень!

Author — Кирилл Карабак


Welcome to another episode of
Why is this in my recommendation

Author — Jerome Manalaysay


Excellent Job!!!
Thanx for a great idea.
Waiting for more of your vdo's.

Author — SamZedd


Tô tentando entender pq o comentário tá cheio de gringo '-'

Author — Gabriel Dante


E eu aqui me achando com minhas latinhas de Skol parabéns

Author — rubens lincoln pereira


Que coisa linda e que delicado ficou! Amei!💚👏👏👏😍

Author — Rosimeri Mattos


Foi o melhor vídeo do tipo: "Faça você mesmo". Show. Muito bom. Parabéns.

Author — alexansouza


о, керогаз изобрели )) Впереди - примус!

Author — Михаил Симонов


8:59 that burner end must be super hot at that time

Author — Naulo Sanchar


Perfeito o vídeo, principalmente por não ter aquelas músicas insuportáveis como os demais, parabéns pela ideia e pelo vídeo!

Author — Eduardo Cordeiro